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What is the Salary of an Animator?

What is the Salary of an Animator?

Animators work primarily in many industries including advertising, computer system design, multimedia, software design and motion pictures. They work by drawing a series of pictures using special effects as well as animated images as seen in movies, computer games, and television programs. The animators normally draw such pictures using advanced computers. Animators also make television commercials and draw storyboards for movies as well as other animated features. The salary of an animator can vary depending on a numerous factors, such as the industry and the type of employment in which they work.

Generally speaking, an animators’ salary is quite generous especially for those who work in computer system design services, advertising and movie making industries. Many animators hold a bachelor’s degree in multimedia arts. However, you may find that many employers are often interested in employing animators with an impressive portfolio, rather than employing them based on educational background alone. Thus, your portfolio can play a significant role in determining your salary as an animator.

According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics figures, it is estimated that there are about 29,000 animators employed in the United States.* These animators earn an average annual salary of $69,560, which is about $33.44 per hour.* The top ten percent of animators in the US earn an average of $ 113,470 or more and half of the animators in the US make anything between $45,640 and $85,410 per year.* Apart from the animators salary statistics, the US Bureau of Labor Statistics also shows that almost a third of multimedia artists/animators work in the motion picture industry. The statistics further illustrate that those who work in video and motion picture industries are among the highest paid animators, earning an average salary of $84, 410 per year. *

Animators employed in specialized design services make an average salary of $62,730 per year while those employed in commercials and advertising industry make about $ 64,690 a year.* Animators who specialize in creating video games and computer software average $66, 130.* Keep in mind that those animators who work independently as vendors as well as those who create their own products and sell them independently make a decent income of about $74,660 per year.* The animators salary, therefore, depends on a number of things, one of them being the type of industry in they work in. When deciding where to work as an animator, it is important to take into consideration your own interests.