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Animation Degree Jobs – Visual Development Artist

Animation Degree Jobs – Visual Development Artist

Students looking for an animation degree are endlessly creative. They have the ability to create worlds and characters that are genuinely unique to them. They can pull these things out of their head right onto the page, and in their own way, they bring them to life. Tools like these are especially important when artists are pursuing a career as a visual development artist.

When it comes to key parts of an animation team, a visual development artist is essential. They identify and create the overall visual concept, including unique environments, characters, lighting, and even props. The perfect candidate for this career is someone who is an idea machine, often labeled as a “daydreamer” during adolescence. A visual development artist should be able to clearly articulate all the details of the fictitious “world” the animations are going to play out in.

A keen, creative sense of how the various characters interact with each other and their environment makes these artists a valuable part of the animation process. Visual development artists work closely with other animation artists, and may also work simultaneously on a number of different projects. Attending an accredited animation school and receiving an animation degree will help you become a successful visual development artist. The demand for visual developers is increasing due to the fact that many recent box office hits have been animated films. As an audience, we become engrossed in fantasy worlds, where the characters mimic the real world but seem far removed from our own reality.

Once you have an animation degree you will be able to start your job search confidently and in a good light. Many candidates claim to be talented and creative, but an animation degree will prove your achievements and experience to the potential employer via a professional portfolio, giving you a competitive advantage. Animation programs also familiarize you with common software programs used by visual development artists, such as Maya, Photoshop and Linux.

Visual Development Artist Salary Expectations

Like many other careers in the animation field, a visual development artist’s salary depends on their individual experience, degree, and most importantly, the company they work for. Some character design artists can earn up to around $172,000; however, most average an annual salary of $98,072*.

If you think you have what it takes to become a visual development artist for a major studio, enroll today and start your path towards brilliance.

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