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Using Stock Animations

Using Stock Animations

Stock animations are a different way to add images and a distinct style to your site or blog. There are many pros and cons to stock animations. It is best to become more informed on the topic of stock animations and then make a determination for yourself.

You Can Spot Stock Animations

The one main setback to using stock animations involves the ability to more often than not tell it is a stock animation right away. It often looks more amateur in style and dated or is not accurately connected to the brand it is signifying. However, the look and style of stock animation is becoming improved, which is making it harder to distinguish stock animations from unique images *. As the gap closes, it will become even more advantageous to use stock animations. If you choose stock animations that are relevant, you can avoid having an image that is not cohesive.

Lost Impact

Since stock animations are seen so often, the impact of the image can be compromised. You can‘t normally make the same impact or impression with stock animations, because people have grown tired of these images and there is less reason to show them. The solution to this negative aspect of stock animation use is to look for stock animations that are harder to find. This will result in using images that still make an impact and individuals are not tired of. It might take you more time to search for stock animations, but this is a price you have to pay if you want your images to have appeal and substance.


The major benefit to choosing stock animations is the price factor. Stock animations are so much cheaper and sometimes you do not have to sacrifice quality to get a great deal. This means that you can get access to licensed images in an instant that are free or cheap to use. Paying for original images is much more expensive and is sometimes not worth the benefits gained.

Some Licensing Restrictions

One con that is common when using stock animations exists within the realm of licensing. Sometimes there are licensing restrictions to the stock animations, which can make it tricky to move around. You can avoid this setback by choosing stock animations that do not have licensing restrictions. There are plenty of these available online for your use. In the end, your preferences often dictate if you choose stock animations or not.


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