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UCLA – MFA Animation Studies

UCLA – MFA Animation Studies

The University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) was founded in 1919 and is located in Westwood, CA. The school’s Animation Workshop has been around for about half a century and is known for the creative and innovative students it produces.

With the mantra of “one person, one film,” MFA students get to learn all the intricacies of successful animation like writing and carrying out editing work. The Walter Lantz Digital Animation Studio is an important resource that enhances both research and film production in UCLA’s Masters Animation Program. It has a number of reputable alumni such as Gil Kenan, who was nominated for Best Animation Feature in 2006.

This animation degree program requires a minimum of 6 quarters to graduate. To give you a taste, below are some of the animation courses offered by UCLA.

First Year: Traditional Animation
This first year of study introduces a student to the aspect of animation. The range of courses that you take during this year range from Introduction to Animation to Writing for Animation. Visual Thinking and Organization for Animation is another course that you take when beginning your Masters Animation program at UCLA. Advanced animation as well as Film and Television Sound Recording are both elective courses that you can take to further enhance your understanding of animation. You may also take a course in History of Animation in America to understand the evolution that this branch of entertainment art has gone through.

Second Year: Computer Animation
In the second year of study, you learn in-depth courses and skills that are necessary for any animation work. This is the time when you actually get to work and build your skills in animation.

A course like Advanced Computer Animation Maya is one of the subjects taken during your second year of study. Computer animation is taught at a more advanced level compared to what is taught your first year.

Advanced layout animation is also a course that you take where instructors teach you different animation techniques. Interactive Animation can also be taken as an elective course during this year.

Third Year: Thesis
In your final year, you will are expected to showcase the skills you have learned through a thesis project. The thesis can be in traditional, experimental or animation narrative form. In any case, since it is your project, you can generally use your own personal style or content.

UCLA has one of the more renowned animation degree programs in the United States. It offers immense opportunity to students to develop and explore their skills in art, technology and other techniques.

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