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Top Animation Schools in the U.S.

Top Animation Schools in the U.S.

Animation is everywhere in entertainment, movies, music videos, television and video games. For anyone considering a career in animation, one of the most vital elements to becoming an animator is to research and select the perfect animation school. It’s important to choose a school that not only offers programs that suit your anticipated career path, but that fits your lifestyle and offers high calibre teaching and instruction. Here is a list of some of the top 6 animation schools in the U.S.1

1. California Institute of the Arts 
The California Institute of the Arts (CalArts) is a private university located in Valencia, California. The school was established by Walt Disney, who is considered to be one of the greatest animators in the world. This school offers various animation degree programs in music, art, dance, video, theatre, animation and puppetry. Admission is generally based upon creativity and future potential. Applicants are required to submit artist’s statement and a portfolio.2

2. Otis College of Art & Design
One of the oldest art schools in the country, Otis College of Art and Design offers an acclaimed undergraduate degree in Digital Media with emphases on Animation, Motion Graphics, Visual Effects and Video Game Design. Located in the heart of Los Angeles, OTIS is a small school enrolling around 1,200 students. The school is famous for an intimate, imaginative community that sits cuff in the mid of the production centre of the universe.3

3. Academy of Art University
Established in 1929 in San Francisco, the Academy of Art University (AAU) is considered the largest private school of art and design in the U.S. The School of Animation & Visual Effects program at AAU offers a range of animation and game development degrees including Bachelors of Fine Arts and Masters of Fine Arts.  AAU has become one of a few select refinement grounds that deliver talented new animators to leading animation companies.4

4. Brigham Young University
Brigham Young University (BYU) is a huge private university in Provo, Utah, operated by the Church of Jesus Chris of Latter-day Saints. Student life centers around religion, accountability and a firm respect code. It is famous for its surprisingly lower tuition fees which attracts maximum number of students each year. BYU is also famous for its multiple degree programs like engineering, animation, special effects, game design and more.5

5. Ex’pression College for Digital Arts
Ex’pression College for Digital Arts, located in Emeryville, California, is known for its intense curriculum that prepares students for fast-paced production world. The for-profit college is known for preparing students in the entertainment industry through an accelerated course curriculum. It offers degrees in animation and visual effects, game design, interactive audio, sound arts, digital filmmaking and motion graphic design. Faculty includes some of the acclaimed freelancers, independent artists and even industry leaders, who bring their knowledge and experience to classroom.6

6. Loyola Marymount University
Loyola Marymount University (LMU) is located on the beautiful cliffs overseeing Playa and marina del Rey in California. Its animation program follows a traditional approach to the art of animation. Alumni include David Mirkin, the creator and producer and director of The Simpsons. Although tuition fees are relatively high, about 60% of the students receive some kind of financial aid.7

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