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Top 5 Reasons To Pursue An Animation Degree

Top 5 Reasons To Pursue An Animation Degree

Given the rising costs of obtaining a post-secondary education, it has become more common for people to question whether or not pursuing a degree in animation is worth their time and money. For many, the ultimate goal for obtaining such a degree is almost exclusively to find work in the animation industry and have a salary sufficient enough to live on. While no one should blindly enter a program, there are definite advantages to obtaining such a degree. Here are the top 5 reasons to pursue an animation degree:

1. The Degree Itself
To excel in the animation industry, on generally should possess proficient skills and knowledge in areas such as character design and storytelling. While there are self-taught animators who have the persistence and dedication to their craft to learn on their own, this approach is not practical for most people. In fact, the majority of people learn better in structured environments, which only schools can provide. Employers know this too, which is often why degreed candidates for jobs are often favorably weighed upon. Finishing a program proves that a student has been exposed to the most important topics shaping the industry and are more likely to develop into talented animators given enough time and practice. Beyond that, finishing a degree is also proof to the employers that the candidate is committed to pursuing a profession in animation and fully intends to make a career out of it.

2. Networking
Studying at animation schools give students the opportunity to develop relationships with other students and faculty that may serve them well in the future. In today’s fast-paced business environment, having the right connections is almost as important as having adequate credentials. It is often said that jobs can be obtained through relationships alone, so developing these connections as early as possible is essential for animators.

3. Time to Learn
The great thing about attending school is that the studies become a commitment and focus for the individual. During one’s time spent in school, it is expected that one learns and studies the craft. This vital period provides an excellent opportunity to become proficient at the craft, to pursue intensive studies and to explore specializations within the animation industry.

4. Expanded Opportunities
With a degree, even if the individual doesn’t end up taking a position within the animation industry itself, they can still fall back on teaching and other opportunities in academia such as teaching. This is especially true of students who go on to complete master’s degrees and beyond. Having an animation degree opens up more doors than compared to simply going at it alone and not attending a school.

5. Develop a Portfolio
When one attends animation school, he or she has ample time to develop a professional portfolio of completed projects and accomplishments. This project is as important as obtaining the degree because it demonstrates to potential employers the skills that the individual animator possesses. By not attending school, it is more difficult to find not only the time, but the hands-on experience to create such portfolios.

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