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Ten Great Animation Jobs

Ten Great Animation Jobs

Ten Great Jobs in Animation

In earlier times animation was just for young children. Animations were used to make cartoons for kids, but with the advancement in the field of entertainment, animation has taken a new dimension. Movies like Ratatouille, Cars, and Kung-Fu Panda are some of the many examples which have proved the liking of animations by people all around the world. A lot of companies offer jobs to people who are known as animators.If interested in animation, it is important to know about these ten great jobs in animation*:

  1. Technical Artists: This professional offers technical support to several different members of an animation team. Some of the duties may include setting up and maintaining production workflow, making decisions about what tools and packages a studio should use, and also trying out new techniques for implementation into the animation process. Typically, technical artists have some sort of degree in art or a related field[1].
  2. 3D Artist: The role of 3D artist is to render graphics and give them a third dimension. They are the ones who give animations a more realistic feel using both illustration and computer software to make their artwork come to life. Most employers require an associate’s or bachelor’s degree in graphic design or a related field[1].
  3. User Interface Designers: UI Designers are very important in animation designs and this user interface can be designed in HTML, Flash etc. These professionals write code in many different platforms to make them easier to use and minimize errors. Most UI designers have a degree in computer science or engineering1.
  4. Story Board Artist: Storyboard artists take care of the first visual samples of the characters which will be playing a role in the animated movie. It comes out in a comic-strip style drawing to depict the storyline, characters and scenes which will be produced. This allows a directory to clarify the goals they want to achieve as well as show other professionals involved exactly what the outcome should be[2].
  5. Texture Artist: Work of texture artist is very important in any animation design. The work of any texture artist is to provide effects to the scene and to add texture to the character which is to be animated. These professionals are the ones who make a game or animated movie look more realistic. They may scan different pictures into the computer and then apply them to the animation.
  6. Audio Designer: Work of audio designer is to design audio tracks for different segments of the animated video. It includes intro, ending, special effects[3].
  7. Effect Designer*: Effect designer is the most wanted person in animation and the reason is the work of Effect Designer. They add icing to the cake and the effects are the best way to engage a user. They read the effects plans, acquire necessary devices, and bring together the movie or game using the equipment used.
  8. Software Engineer: The job of software engineer is to design the codes and look at the technicalities involved with the software related to designing.  They work with production to create tools for modelling, dynamics, look, and rendering using their graphic technology and experience. They may work with different coding tools, one being C++3.
  9. Visual Development: A visual development artist experiments with different elements of film to create stories through capturing dramatic moments, plots, and moods within character and environment designs. They are charged with getting audiences to create an emotional connection with what they are seeing or playing3.
  10. Innovator:  This title can mean a variety of things depending on the company and what they actually do. An innovator means someone who introduces new methods and ideas to a company to put to use. This can mean a variety of things, but in animation, it means someone who implements new techniques and products which will make the animations better.

There are several different careers to choose from when it comes to the animation field. If you are interested in any of the careers listed above, or perhaps a different animation career, it may be a good idea to further your research, find out the educational requirements that are necessary, and start on your way to a career in the fun and exciting field of animation.


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