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Storyboard Artist

Storyboard Artist

One career option within animation is to become a storyboard artist. These artists commonly work for advertising agencies and film productions. Story boards were developed in the 1930s at Walt Disney Studios. Over the years, the craft has become a common practice in the entertainment industry. In order to find a job as a storyboard artist, it would be beneficial to attend animation school.

Storyboard artists render screenplays into a series of illustrations called storyboards. Their pictures are similar to a comic book’s form. The illustrations are vital because they help spell out what they want the film to accomplish. Not only that, but they are also important because they show everything that is required for the film. For instance, the illustrations will show when computer generated images are needed.

Storyboard artists relay the script in visual form. Their images are linked in a sequential fashion to convey information. Their work is important because they help the director conceptualize sequences. The storyboard is especially helpful during complex scenes. It gives the director time to create plans before filming. It also helps to eliminate on-set improvisations during complicated shots. Storyboards have proven to be beneficial. When using them, many directors have avoided overshooting. Besides that, they are known to save a lot of money on film budgets.

Working as a storyboard artist can be challenging. The artists must be able to visualize a script. They have to draw the script in a series of panels. Their drawings need to convey the heart of a story. They have to include scene structure, comedy and character emotions. Most storyboard artists get an animation degree. This is valuable because animation school teaches drawing techniques. One of the most important parts of a being a storyboard artist is having the ability to draw a quick sketch. Along with that, the artists also need to master human and animal anatomy.

While obtaining an animation degree, students learn how to design cartoons. The two most common techniques involve pencil drawings and marker translations. However, digital media is becoming the more popular method. Flash and Photoshop are now often utilized for storyboards. This new technology provides a quicker way to color a picture.

Storyboard Artist Salary Expectations*

Storyboard artists are mainly responsible for quick sketching and creating scenes that are later turned into a film, mastering the art of the human and animal anatomy. Storyboard artists can earn anywhere from $45,000, on an hourly contract, and all the way up to $90,000. Most storyboard artists earn an average of $65,000 a year.

*According to

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