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Stop Motion Animation Software

Stop Motion Animation Software

Stop motion animation software is an animation technique that creates an illusion of a moving object. The object is physically manipulated to move each captured frame. After, a series of individual frames is programmed to be played in a nonstop progression to give the effect of a continuously moving object.

Stop motion animation software has been used for several years and generally continues to be a staple in animation production.* Stop motion methods have generally become popularized using clay figures; however, any type of object may be used, such as cartoons, Lego bricks or photographs. A stop animation production using Lego bricks is typically known as a brickfilm and a production using clay may be called claymation, clay animation, or plasticine.** Stop motion animation software has also been used to create computer games using sound effects and background music.

Stop motion animation software is typically available on the internet and easy enough for amateur producers to use and experiment with. Some websites may offer stop motion animation software for free as a trial period and advanced versions with additional features for a fee. There are several types of stop motion animation software that may be specifically designed for different computers (Mac or PC), and types of animation (claymation, brickfilm, etc.)Regular upgrades are typically available. Currently, several advanced cameras, tripods, and other gadgets are equipped for this type of animation production. The stop motion animation software may take movies to new heights using creative methods of character movement and setting development.

The stop motion animation software generally brings life to all kinds of presentations. It introduces new learning concepts for anyone interested in learning animation techniques and who want to present their own ideas to the world. Stop motion animation software may be enjoyed as a hobby at home or as a career. Kids may also use it to help bring their imagination to life.


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