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Popular Animation Courses

Popular Animation Courses

Animation courses may prepare you for various careers including video game design, animation, and other entertainment fields. Since the release of popular animation movies and the rise of video games, traditional animation has typically shifted to computer animation. Several learning institutions generally teach both basic and advanced principles of digital animation processes. Here are a few examples of popular animation courses that several students take to become proficient animators.

Character Design

In this course, students typically learn the proven strategies of building successful characters from scratch. Topics include personality creation, character illustration, and bringing an imaginary character to life through the use of computer technology.* By understanding the basic elements of character design, students are generally encouraged to offer unique, interesting ideas to the table and create a professional design portfolio to better prepare them when seeking employment.

Art Creation for Games

Creating complex backgrounds in video games is generally an essential element when producing optimal gaming experience. Gamers today typically have high expectations for high-quality graphics and interactivity, so these video game animators are generally needed. By learning the basics of art creation for video games, students may enhance their artistic skills and gain a greater understanding of how to best construct an intricate world that gamers will enjoy immersing themselves in.

Animation Production

In this course, students may learn the production process involved in creating short and feature-length animated films from beginning to end. Acquiring a greater appreciation for the type of work required to produce many of the popular cartoons released in recent years helps students develop more realistic expectations of their duties as animators.

Animation Lighting**

Lighting generally sets the mood for a particular work and helps showcase the creator’s intentions to the audience. A children’s animation movie, for example, may have a lighter setting to reflect a happier story line and connect with a younger audience. By understanding the basics of lighting, students may create more effective scenes to enhance the story and sustain the desired atmosphere of the film or game. Additionally, shading helps to improve the look and feel of a composition.

These are just a few examples of the several animation courses available in different schools. Animation studies may propel you into an exciting field of production or video gaming that have generally become popular career choices in digital entertainment.


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