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PHD in Animation

PHD in Animation

If you have recently completed your master’s degree in animation, then you may be curious about earning a PHD in animation. But is a PHD in animation worth it? In this article, we will take a look at the possible drawbacks that getting a PHD in animation may present students, as well as a few different options for schooling. What you learn about the possibility of getting a PHD in animation may just surprise you. Hopefully, this article will save you a bit of time when it comes to researching these sorts of programs.

Limited Programs

It seems that the number of programs offering a PHD in animation is limited, at best.* Much more common is getting a master’s degree that focuses on animation, or developing a thesis for a PHD that utilizes animation to learn about things like software, rendering speed, programming, and more. Whereas there may be online options for master’s degrees in such programs, there are no specific online degrees or distance learning degrees that you can get when it comes to a PHD in animation. For many, this may mean that this degree is not a viable option.

Cost versus Benefits

One of the most important things that you should consider before pursuing a PHD degree are the cost versus benefits of earning such a degree.* Even national publications like the Washington Post agree that this is a great idea.* When it comes to getting a PHD in animation you might actually be better off to get industry experience instead. A PHD degree in any field can be very expensive, and the jobs that you earn in the computer science field by getting a PHD in animation may actually be paid much better if the same student got a masters focusing on animation, and then went on to get industry experience.

Better Options

As mentioned several times above, there are much better options, especially for those who are already employed or very busy. Try for a masters focusing on animation. During your time in the master’s program, an internship or two within the industry may be very helpful. Or, if you do wish to get a PHD, you may simply just want to complete a thesis with a focus on something else, using animation as a vehicle. If you do find a PHD in animation program that you would like to pursue, be sure to do your research first.


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