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How to Make an Animated Wallpaper for Your Computer

How to Make an Animated Wallpaper for Your Computer

Simply put, an animated wallpaper is a moving image that replaces the static wallpaper on your personal computer or laptop. In order to create your own, you will need to determine a few things. First, you will need a software package that is within your price range. Whether you have Mac or PC doesn’t matter, as the software available work for either operating system. Professional designers prefer to use Adobe Photoshop or its Mac equivalent, Photoshop Pro to create animated wallpapers, but the price for the package is fairly high. So, for those just getting into the programming aspect of animated wallpapers, a good start would be the reliable freeware package GIMP. This is a sort of PhotoShop clone, with many of the same elements, including animation functions, but for a drastically reduced price. As in, it is completely free to download and use.

Getting Started and Bringing it Together

Before making animated wallpaper, a bit of planning has to come into play. Decide on an image you really like, as the effort going into the project is going to ensure you keep your animation for a while to come. If you like it, then fine. Decide how you want the image to look, and what you want it to do. This is an animation, after all. Many animated wallpapers are simply geometric designs for simplicity, but you can also import graphic files from your own computer to use. These images, once animated, will move across the screen.

Follow the instructions in the tutorials that came with your software, and be mindful of your file size. You don’t want something so large that it simply eats up too much of your processing power. Once you have completed the project, save the file and apply. You will need to save this file as a GIF file (apparently pronounced jiff now), and then you can apply it as your desktop background in the same way as if it was a still image.


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