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How Much Can I Make with an Animation Degree?

How Much Can I Make with an Animation Degree?

How Much Can I Make with an Animation Degree?  One important factor to consider when comparing educational programs is the potential salaries of the careers associated with a certain degree. This is especially important when examining the career prospects of artistic degrees such as a bachelor’s in animation.

The good news is that there are dozens of career opportunities for professional animators. Depending on whether an individual pursues graphic programming, character animation, mathematical modeling or any of a number of other careers, his or her future job opportunities and salary options will vary considerably. It is therefore difficult to give an overarching salary estimate for all animation professionals.

However, the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) estimates the median salary for multimedia artists and animators at $58,510 per year ($28.13 per hour). Animators working in the motion picture and video industries stand to make more, an annual mean wage of $83,250 per year. Starting animators make far less in the motion picture, television and video game design industries due to high levels of competition.

The major factors that determine employment opportunities and salary include technical skills and specializations. A person who holds a bachelor’s degree in animation and who can demonstrate experience with industry-specific software and technology will stand a much better chance of capturing a high-paying job. Experience is also important; many animators enter the field as interns, especially in the motion picture industry, in order to build their portfolios and capture highly contested positions.

Some animators do not work in motion pictures, video game design and other fields commonly associated with animation degrees. The medical imaging field has a significant, growing demand for animators, as do the software design and architectural industries. The more specialized the field, the higher the animator’s potential salary. Software publishers pay a mean of $64,780 according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, while animators working in aerospace manufacturing earn a mean of $69,440.

Many animators pursue freelance careers. The mean wage for these individuals is about $73,030 according to the BLS, but it is important to note that many freelancers work longer hours than employed animators. Salaries also vary substantially among freelancers, so median salaries are not entirely representative.

In all industries, animators earn more if they have qualified degrees from accredited institutions. Many employers will not consider applicants who do not have bachelor’s degrees along with strong portfolios.

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