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Flash Animation

Flash Animation

Digital technology has created several new options for films and multi-media presentations. Flash animation is created with a computer graphics program such as Adobe Flash. The program allows the user to create computer art or add graphics that were created in another computer art program like Adobe Illustrator. In Flash, the user can add movement to the objects to create a Flash animation. Text can also be added in the Flash animation.

Flash animations can be films like cartoons or presentations on websites. When designing a Flash animation, the graphic artist considers the objectives of the animation to ensure that the animation meets the needs of the client. Is the animation for entertainment purposes only? If so, what age range is the target audience? Does the animation need to demonstrate how the client’s products or services can meet the needs of the target market?

Though Flash is primarily used on the Internet, some films have utilized Flash for opening credits, closing credits, or a particular scene. Some feature films have been created using Flash animation. Studios that have used Flash animations in movies include Disney/Pixar, 20th Century Fox, Paramount Pictures, and DreamWorks Animation[i].

Proficiency with the Adobe Flash software often requires practice. Graphic design bachelor’s degree programs often include introductory courses in Flash animation. This experience may be helpful for graphic designers who may need to do brief animations occasionally for a client’s website. However, the introductory course would not prepare a student for a career in computer animation.

Several careers can involve the production of Flash animation such as graphic designers for advertising firms, Flash animator, Flash developer, and website designers[ii]. The appropriate education depends on the chosen career path. Though it is possible to begin a career in computer animation with a bachelor’s degree in graphic design, a degree in computer animation would provide more skills related to this demanding and highly competitive field.

Some web designer jobs that include creating Flash animations are entry level positions without mandatory educational requirements. However, the employer may look for proficiency in Adobe Flash, other Adobe software, and CSS. Jobs for Flash animators often require a degree in computer science or interactive design. Several Flash animation and developer jobs require a computer science or fine arts bachelor’s degree and several years of experience with Flash animation design.*

Flash animator salaries can vary greatly depending on required experience, job responsibilities, and geographic location. The average salary of Flash animators ranges from $57,000 to $94,000. A Flash graphic designer makes an average of $68,000. The average Flash developer salary is $69,000 to $82,000. A web designer salary averages between $57,000 and $73,000. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates that the number of Flash animators and multimedia artists will increase by 14% from 2008-2018[iii].


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