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Computer Animation Degree

Computer Animation Degree

Computer animation is an area that many indulge in as a hobby or pastime and knowing there is a career to be forged in this field is a bonus for many computer games enthusiasts across the United States and the world. In a computer animation degree students will be offered state of the art, cutting edge, industry-standard technologies to work with and software that will help a student become a qualified computer animation technician.

So, why would you want to take a degree in computer animation? A computer animation degree will allow students to concentrate on achieving a qualification in the artistic and graphical areas of computer animation. There is a strong technical element in computer graphics, so it’s not all about playing and testing out games, although you will get an opportunity to trial out many during the course.

Development and design of computer games and animation will also play a large part in your degree coursework. There is practice and theory and a student will learn how to implement the key elements of 3D graphics as well as traditional animation.

Gaining a computer animation degree will catapult a graphic designer into many avenues and options that will open up many doors to a career in computer animation. There is a Bachelor’s degree course as well as a Master’s degree in computer animation to take, so a student can progress to a point at which they can attain a good working knowledge and qualification in computer animation.

The course will involve a great deal of planning and project leading, working with virtual reality graphics and moving images; capturing still and moving motion landscapes; three dimensional and two-dimensional imagery; designing new characters and creating a drawing board idea of what the characters and backdrop will look like once the finished product is implemented with your computer-generated animation.

There is a good deal of employment opportunity once you have attained a computer animation degree; including the world of animated film cinematography, computer games, apps and other interactive media, and internet based companies. There is a great deal of work within the television industry that employs computer animated technicians and all of these sectors would require students to have enrolled and qualified for a computer animation degree.

Many of the degree courses involve hands-on work and on the job learning and designing, so graduates should have a keen and deep interest in computer generated animation.


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