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How to Become an Animator (INFOGRAPHIC)

animation infographic thumb

Everyone who has tinkered with some form of animation, whether it be in the form of 2D flash creations or some dabbling in 3D, has considered doing it as their career. It is an art form that allows us to make whole worlds and have them come to life before our eyes. It is this captivation that makes us want ... Read More »

Animation with a Tablet and Pen

Animation with a Tablet

Animators are always looking for better ways of getting their jobs done. If you’re an animator looking for information about the latest tablet and pen technology, then you’re in luck because this is the information that you’ve been searching for. In this article we’re going to discuss three aspects of digital animation technology that’ll help you quickly and easily determine ... Read More »

Best Animation Sites

Best Animation Sites

Animation Schools is out to search high and low for the best animation sites on the web. We look for sites that provide high quality and insightful information about animation careers, schools, degrees and trends. Read More »

Using Stock Animations

stock animations

Stock animations are a different way to add images and a distinct style to your site or blog. There are many pros and cons to stock animations. It is best to become more informed on the topic of stock animations and then make a determination for yourself. Read More »

How to create an animation portfolio


Many people describe the animation industry as cool, interesting, glamorous and other similar terms. Well, it’s no wonder 3D animation jobs are so highly sought after these days. In such a competitive environment, an artist has to excel in packaging and promoting himself. Read More »

How-To: Stop Motion Animation at Home

homemade stop motion animation

Stop motion animation is a simple animation technique that almost anyone can do. It may not be as complex as computer animation, but they share the same basic principles. With a digital or phone camera and a few simple props, you too can make your own animation at home. Read More »

How to Make an Animated Wallpaper for Your Computer

animated desktop wallpaper

Simply put, an animated wallpaper is a moving image that replaces the static wallpaper on your personal computer or laptop. In order to create your own, you will need to determine a few things. First, you will need a software package that is within your price range. Whether you have Mac or PC doesn’t matter, as the software available work ... Read More »

Animation Glossary

2-D 2-D is a form of animation that used from images that run as 24 frames per second on film. This type of animation was originally done by hand drawings. Today 2D images are used as digital images on a computer. These images are put together to create the appearance of movement. 2-D animation consists of four different parts. The ... Read More »