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Animation Industry

Stay on top of current events and innovative news within the animation industry.

DC Comics Come to Life!


Many of the most well-known and loved comic book characters have come from the DC comics universe.  If you’re a DC fan and you’re interested in seeing your favorite characters brought to life, here is a list of DC animated movies that you should watch.  Read More »

Best Animated Adaptations of Books

animated film adaptations

When it comes to animated films, there is a long history going back to the 1930’s of wonderful films.  Many of these, especially many children’s films have been adapted from classic children’s books.  One great thing about sharing these movies as a family is that you can enjoy the movie as well as encourage your children to read the book ... Read More »

ASIFA-Hollywood and the Annie Awards

annie awards

The ASIFA-Hollywood, or the International Animated Film Society, is a professional organization committed to those in the animation industry.*From its founding until today, the International Animated Film Society has been dedicated to celebrating greatness in the field of animation. They are also dedicated to professional development and defending the professionals in this industry. To learn more about ASIFA, as well ... Read More »

Animation Etymology and History

animation meaning

Have you ever wondered about the etymology of the word “animation” or where this word actually originated from? In order to get a grasp on where the word came from, you must first understand the importance of Greek in the history of animation. Animation originally came from the Latin word meaning living or breathing. This has significance because animation is ... Read More »

Animation Domination

animation domination

There aren’t many moments in the history of television when everything is upended.  When they happen, they are incredible, and live with use as viewers for years to come. Such examples in the past include shows that brought American living to TV like I Love Lucy, constant news coverage that revolutionized how people viewed news, and most recently, adult animation ... Read More »

How to Become an Animator (INFOGRAPHIC)

infographic thumb

Animators probably have the best job in the world. Far from the ‘starving artist’ stereotype, animators employed at a reputable studio often find themselves in a pretty comfortable pay scale. Becoming an animator is no easy task however, it takes skill, dedication, and a great deal of passion. In this infographic we explore the basics of what makes an animator, ... Read More »

Pixar Animation Studio: A Brief History

pixar animation studio

For the past and current generations today, the name Pixar Animation Studio brings nostalgia and good memories every time. It is a name commonly associated with cartoons and all things animated. Its history is steeped in innovation and excellence and gives a solid insight into how Disney animation and the animated film industry itself has become what it is today. Read More »

Animation Festivals

animation festival

Animation festivals are an event that should be experienced by everyone at some point in their life. Even if you are not an entrant or participant, simply attending can give you a chance to see what the future of animation may be. You never know if the films being screened will become huge hits. Here is a list of some ... Read More »

Animation Bio: Hayao Miyazaki

Hayao Miyazaki

In the world of animation, there are a few people who have gained fame throughout history as much as Hayao Miyazaki, who is now one of the best known of all time. He was born in Tokyo and became famous for his incredible drawing ability and the ideas that he created for various movies which originally gained him notoriety in ... Read More »

Should You partake in an Animation Apprenticeship?

animation apprenticeship

When we think of animation, the majority of the world think of the cartoons we used to wake up early to watch as young children. In essence, animation is not just a cartoon that we see on the TV. It’s the process in which continuous motion and illusions created by shape change, is made. Read More »