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Animation Degree

Looking to pursue an animation degree? See the many different options and courses involved.

Types of Animation Degrees


Acquiring a degree in animation is something that may open up the door to a number of exhilarating career opportunities for you. This is because animation has been a part of the entertainment industry for a long time. From movies to video games, the number of career opportunities available to someone with an animation degree may be endless. For example, ... Read More »

BA in Animation

Animation Degree

A bachelor’s in animation is a degree that is gaining popularity throughout the country.* It is a great career that allows you to bring animated characters to life. A bachelor’s in animation is a degree program that focuses on training students in various aspects of storytelling through animated creatures, filmmaking, design, character modeling, portfolio preparation, 2-D, color, interactivity fundamentals, video ... Read More »

Computer Animation Bachelor’s Degree – A Leap to Huge Pay Scales

Computer Animation Bachelor's Degree

Are you looking for a way to make huge salaries? Are you enthusiastic towards doing something creative and innovative? Do you want to know how to catch the eyes of your audience? If yes, then a computer animation bachelor degree is your way to grand success. There is no doubt that animation industry has overtaken the entertainment industry. Movies apply ... Read More »

Why Study Media Arts & Animation?

Media Arts and Animation

The Modern Lifeline of Knowledge And Information Apart from money, what all we seek today is “Entertainment! Entertainment! Entertainment!” We are none other than huge supporters and fans of media, as media leaves no chance to captivate our minds.  This is one of the prime reasons, why the entertainment industry is on top, making numerous students apply for Media Arts ... Read More »

Animation Degree Tips for Entering College


Entering into college with the intention of receiving an animation degree is a wonderful first step for would-be animators. But what do you do once you are in college? How do you make the most of this new world to become the best animator you can be? Read More »

Mythbusters – Three Animation Degree Myths


Much like any student studying the arts, the world of an animation degree student is surrounded with assumptions. Family members, other students, and even the animation students themselves have a number of thoughts about what it means to be an animation student without any actual knowledge of the field. Read More »

Top Online Animation Degree Programs


Online courses have become more than common in the world of technology and that is no different for students looking for an animation degree. For any number of reasons, online courses are simply more convenient and even with the complex technology/software in the world of animation, the degrees offered by Gnomon School of Visual Arts, Full Sail University, and the ... Read More »

Animation Degree Watch – Animators and Their Colleges


With the rising success of cartoons like Adventure Time and the emergence of anime as a respectable medium of animation, everyone wants to be an animator. To do that, young animators must acquire an animation degree. Seth MacFarlane and Pendelton Ward did just that on the way to their successful shows and many of DreamWorks’s famed animators pass through USC’s ... Read More »

Animation Degree Scholarships & Grants


Are you ready to begin a lucrative career in animation by earning an animation degree, but need to find a way to cut the cost of your college tuition? If so, here are some great ideas for finding animation degree scholarships and grants that can help you pay for your animation degree: Read More »

Tools for an Animation Degree: Programs for Animators

Animation Degree Schools

Students pursuing an animation degree have a wide option of software on their hands. Animation has become quite the digital profession. Gone are the days of flipbooks and hand-drawn materials (though they still appear) and in comes the optimized field of digital animation. Students entering this world have a lot to take in, so following is a list of programs ... Read More »