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Animation Degree

Looking to pursue an animation degree? See the many different options and courses involved.

PHD in Animation

phd in animation

If you have recently completed your master’s degree in animation, then you may be curious about earning a PHD in animation. But is a PHD in animation worth it? In this article, we will take a look at the possible drawbacks that getting a PHD in animation may present students, as well as a few different options for schooling. What ... Read More »

Computer Animation Degree

computer animation degree

Computer animation is an area that many indulge in as a hobby or pastime and knowing there is a career to be forged in this field is a bonus for many computer games enthusiasts across the United States and the world. In a computer animation degree students will be offered state of the art, cutting edge, industry-standard technologies to work ... Read More »

Bachelor of Science in Animation Technology

bachelor of science in animation technology

For those looking to get into the more technical side of animation, a bachelor of science in animation technology might be a fantastic option. In this article, we will give an overview of a bachelor of science in animation technology from several angles. We will tell you about the number of programs in the country offering this degree, typical requirements ... Read More »

Interactive Media Degree

interactive media degree

Interactive Media is media that can respond to touch and user-input. Most interactive media that is currently used and distributed through the internet, via portable media devices such as iPods or Smart-Phones and many other digital platforms that are handheld (including gaming consoles that can be plugged into the television.) One of the best colleges that you can attend is ... Read More »

Learning Character Creation


If you love animation, then you may want to look into learning character creation. For those who are still new to animation, here is a brief description of what character creation is and what its role in animation is. Read More »

Animation Degree Types

animation degree types

Movies can seem larger than life. Encompassing amazing events in a protagonist’s life, a movie represents the culmination of many parts, brought together beautifully into a work of art. When it comes to animated movies, the art of animation is central to the process. Read More »

Top 5 Reasons To Pursue An Animation Degree

Top 5 Reasons To Pursue An Animation Degree

Given the rising costs of obtaining a post-secondary education, it has become more common for people to question whether or not pursuing a degree in animation is worth their time and money. For many, the ultimate goal for obtaining such a degree is almost exclusively to find work in the animation industry and have a salary sufficient enough to live ... Read More »

Associate’s Degree in Animation

Learn how to earn an Associate's Degree in Animation.

An Associate’s Degree in Animation generally allows students the opportunity to cultivate the skills needed to contribute to current trends in the animation industry. Since early cartoons, animation has typically developed into full-fledged computer technology. It  may also be referred to as the art of the future. Recent works from animation designers and programmers have broken-ground in production techniques and ... Read More »

Popular Animation Courses

Popular Animation Courses

Animation courses may prepare you for various careers including video game design, animation, and other entertainment fields. Since the release of popular animation movies and the rise of video games, traditional animation has typically shifted to computer animation. Several learning institutions generally teach both basic and advanced principles of digital animation processes. Here are a few examples of popular animation ... Read More »

Disney Animation School

Filmstrip, 3D

The best animated features are very often described by the words Disney & animation. Mickey Mouse, an all-time favorite star of every age group, was designed and developed by Walt Disney.  His pioneered and imaginative outlook made him the hero of the animation world. In the early 1960’s Walt Disney laid the foundation of the California Institute of the Arts. ... Read More »