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Animation Careers

Explore in-depth profiles of career paths and occupational fields in animation.

What is a Character Designer?

What is a Character Designer?

Character designers help to conceptualize characters and they develop their individual traits to create a more complex, rewarding story.  These designers work with other animation experts to create cartoons for clients ranging from entertainment companies to advertising firms. These groups often use the animation as part of films or presentations.  Those who seek a career in character designing should be ... Read More »

Become an Animation Art Director

Become an Art Director

In animation, an Animation Art Director must have good leadership, organizational and and communication skills. He or she is in charge of the visual appearance of the project and must be able to communicate the desired mood, features and look of the scene. This is an exciting animation career for those with great graphic design background and technical production knowledge. Read More »

What is the Salary of an Animator?


Animators work primarily in many industries including advertising, computer system design, multimedia, software design and motion pictures. They work by drawing a series of pictures using special effects as well as animated images as seen in movies, computer games, and television programs. The animators normally draw such pictures using advanced computers. Animators also make television commercials and draw storyboards for ... Read More »

2D Animation Salary vs 3D Animation Salary


Money is a big deal no matter what world you’re a part of. Animation salary is a factor for students have a passion for the arts but are still looking for good money. 2D and 3D animators will always battle about which method of animation is better looking and more flexible, but in the end, there can only be one ... Read More »

Animation Degree Jobs – Animator


Animators are the lifeblood of any animation studio. Animation degree students are mostly aspiring to become the next big animator in the industry and it makes sense. Animators are the ones who put in the hours of work to bring a project to life. Animators are the unsung heroes behind television shows, big-budget movies, and video games. For the most ... Read More »

Animation Degree Outlook – Making a Career in Independent Animation


Much like many worlds of art these days, students entering into the field of animation may be fearful of the job market ahead of them. Studios are shrinking and the best of the best are rotated amongst the big names in the industry. Fresh faced students have reason to be afraid but they shouldn’t stay that way. Read More »

Animation Degree Jobs – Concept Artists


The brainstorming process should be familiar to any animation degree student who has studied the history of many of animation’s greatest hits. Major shows go through a number of concept phases where they experiment with anything from the character designs to the overall look of the product (film, show, or game). Entire facets of art in an animation are completely overhauled ... Read More »

Mythbusters – Animation Degree Careers

Mythbusters – Animation Degree Careers

When pursuing a career path in animation that starts with an animation degree, it can be easy to misinterpret just exactly what you will be doing once you get to a major animation studio. Most people might assume you will be behind a computer all day animating. Many others assume that that’s all there is to an animation studio. Just ... Read More »

Animation Degree Options – Teaching Animation


Animation degree students may not realize one of the biggest opportunities on their plate once they enter the industry. Some animation industry professionals might not even realize it yet. Teaching in the animation industry is more open and accessible than one may realize. With colleges hiring industry professionals every day, students can enter animation school with the dream of teaching ... Read More »

Animation Degree Career Outlook


People looking into an animation degree might be afraid of the job market moving forward. With the changing market of animation, students must leave themselves open to all opportunities. Read More »