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Best Animation Schools in California

Best Animation Schools in California

If you are like many illustrators, you knew early on that you wanted to make a career of your unique creative expressions. Now that the time has arrived to further your education, it would be a good idea to know what the best animation schools in California are to foster your skills. There are many around the country, but the best animation schools tend to be located in California. The region is packed not only with education possibilities, but many of the major studios are located here as well, making job placement and an exciting career environment a viable possible reality. With just a bit of research and dedication, you can locate the school that fits your needs in order to advance your training in the field.

Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising

Located in Los Angeles, the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising offers a comprehensive associate’s degree in digital media, which is on the frontier of animation. Students have opportunities to learn in a campus environment as well as participate in distance learning courses through online training. Students who earn their associates often move on to complete a bachelor’s degree in business management particular to the animation field.

University of Southern California

Arguably the premier animation school in the world, the University of Southern California is also located in Los Angeles. The school offers a wide range of specialized degree programs involved in animation, from development and productions to business marketing. Graduates of USC leave with a wide range of degrees, including associate’s degree in animation, bachelor degrees in animated production, and advanced degrees in film management.

Chapman University

Located in Orange, California, Chapman University offers a substantial bachelor’s of fine arts for those looking to hone their creative animation talents. Students enroll in intensive art instruction with some of the world’s top animation producers, and seek placement in established studios such as Disney and Warner. Attention to detail is key and graduates go on to perform amazing innovations in the animated story telling genres. Digital production is a focus, as changing technologies have made had drawn frames an illogical production method.

California Institute of the Arts

Located in Valencia, California, CIA offers a comprehensive degree selection with a BFA in Art, a BFA in Graphic Design, and a BFA in Character Animation or Experimental Animation. Students can focus on studies with or without specializations in motion graphics, and go on to take further studies in art and technology.


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