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Bachelor of Science in Animation Technology

Bachelor of Science in Animation Technology

For those looking to get into the more technical side of animation, a bachelor of science in animation technology might be a fantastic option. In this article, we will give an overview of a bachelor of science in animation technology from several angles. We will tell you about the number of programs in the country offering this degree, typical requirements to earn a bachelor of science in animation technology, as well as what you might do professionally after you earn the degree.

Few Programs         

Although there are many programs in the US that focus on animation, most of them offer the Bachelor of Arts degree for completing the requirements. One exception to this is University of Arkansas—Fort Smith. They do, indeed, offer a bachelor of science in animation technology program, housed in their College of Applied Science and Technology.* For the most part, however, you will seriously have to seek these programs out and apply to them specifically unless you are fine with earning a BA degree as opposed to a BS degree. The programs that are out there may also be very competitive, so keep that in mind.


Typical requirements for this degree will vary from program to program and institution to institution. This is why you should do research yourself into each program you are interested in. To get a better idea of requirements for this degree, we will look at the Santa Monica College and The Art Institute of California.* You can expect to take lots of courses in modeling, animation, storyboarding, lighting, color, design, and plenty of art-focused classes. You will also be required to complete typical general education requirements, like math, English, and writing.

Possible Employment

What sorts of careers might you be able to get once you complete a bachelor of science in animation technology degree? For many, you may be employed as designers, developers, graphic designers, art directors, and computer artists.* However, when it comes to seeking further education after earning this degree, or working in your chosen field, the sky is truly the limit.  An internship and industry experience before graduation might be a very good way to go about gaining more experience that is relevant to your degree, as well as to your future possible career. Or, a TA position in a graduate school might also be great.


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