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BA in Animation
Animation Degree

BA in Animation

A bachelor’s in animation is a degree that is gaining popularity throughout the country.* It is a great career that allows you to bring animated characters to life. A bachelor’s in animation is a degree program that focuses on training students in various aspects of storytelling through animated creatures, filmmaking, design, character modeling, portfolio preparation, 2-D, color, interactivity fundamentals, video editing, 3-D and other various forms of entertainment.

Once students earn a bachelor’s in animation, they are equipped with essential skills and knowledge that will assist them in succeeding the animation design field. Therefore, pursuing a career in animation design has good prospects in terms of job placement as well as self-employment opportunities. A typical BA in animation is offered by various traditional as well as online institutions. The rate at which this type of program is gaining popularity has lured many prospective students to enroll with the anticipation of an exciting career.*

Whether you are looking forward to studying classical animations or modern 3-D animation, a BA in animation will help you cultivate a personal animation style along with developing a world-class animation design reel that can advance your animation design career.  In short, there are many options to what you can create with animations as long as you are determined to be an expert in the field. The undergraduate degree program in animation offers various courses to gain the experience and knowledge you need. Students have the opportunity to build strong foundations in animation design before they specialize in a particular field.

Like any other degree program, you should focus on getting a good education. Although there are numerous colleges offering a BA in animation, you should make it a priority to study in schools that provide quality education. A college offering solid animation courses should have instructors who have vast industry experience and who can engage students with interactive hands-on experiences.  The program should also be approved by relevant higher education accreditation programs that will meet the needs of any future job.

Whatever your goals and aspirations are in the field of animation, you should see to it that your focus to succeed is not distracted by challenges. A BA in animation might not be one of the easiest courses to pursue, but it can provide a promising career.