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ASIFA-Hollywood and the Annie Awards

ASIFA-Hollywood and the Annie Awards

The ASIFA-Hollywood, or the International Animated Film Society, is a professional organization committed to those in the animation industry.*From its founding until today, the International Animated Film Society has been dedicated to celebrating greatness in the field of animation. They are also dedicated to professional development and defending the professionals in this industry. To learn more about ASIFA, as well as one of their most recognizable honors, the Annie Awards, read on. We will discuss the history of this organization, what it offers members, and more.


The International Animated Film Society has been around for over 40 years. Since its founding in France, it has worked to tout the work of great animators around the world. At first, their international groups were only about showing these films. Now, they have grown to be a truly international organization. With local chapters in the US, Tehran, France, and other countries, they offer serious benefits to their members, most of whom are now not just film enthusiasts, but animators themselves. In the early 1970s, their most important award, The Annie, was presented for the first time.

What ASIFA-Hollywood Offers

When it comes to modern membership, the International Animated Film Society offers opportunities to up-and-coming, as well as established, animators. Many who are looking for connections to film festivals can find it here. Their magazine is renowned in the industry for its writing, as well as its interviews and features. On their website, animators can connect with fans by submitting their webpages and film previews. Or, they can connect with other professionals and amateurs on discussion boards. Animators can also find information about workshops, as well as touring lecturers sponsored by the society. All this information is available to the public, as well. But all the benefits are not.

Annie Awards

The Annie Awards are annual awards sponsored by the Society. Many call this award the highest honor in the field. Now, the awards are given in nearly 30 categories that span the range from Best Animated Feature to sound, voice acting, and more. The Annie Awards have their own webpage at There, you can learn more about the awards themselves, forms, deadlines, and more. Each year, this ceremony garners more and more public attention. With animation being such a popular genre of film there is no doubt that this trend will continue.


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