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The Art Institute – Animation Studies

The Art Institute – Animation Studies

The Art Institute is a network of colleges with 50+ different campuses located throughout the United States and Canada. The school offers programs in various subjects including animation, media arts, fine arts and design. All its animation degree programs are part of The Art Institute are accredited by the appropriate regional boards, ensuring that regardless of where a student attends classes, he or she will receive a quality education recognized by both potential employers and other universities. The Art Institute offers associate’s, bachelor’s and master’s degree programs. One of the more popular degree studies is the bachelor’s degree in fine arts and animation.*

The animation program offers a focused study which gives students the opportunity to explore many of the most advanced topics within the field under the instruction of experienced professors. The early years of the program are used to build a solid foundation of knowledge about the basics of animation. Subjects include drawing techniques, storytelling concepts, character design, color theory, anatomies, acting, 3D modeling, 3D character animation, web animation and more. An introduction in computer applications is also provided, since much of animation is accomplished today through digital means.

Once a solid base of knowledge has been established, the student then explores other subjects that interest them. The purpose of this exploration is to ultimately help the students find the area of animation in which they wish to specialize, or devote their career and creative pursuits to mastering. Examples of these advanced subjects include 3D modeling and animation, 2D animation, physics, web animation, cinematic storytelling and storyboard rendering among many others. By being exposed to such diverse coursework, the student becomes more proficient and knowledgeable, which ultimately makes them much more valuable to prospective employers once they graduate from the program.

Another way in which The Art Institute prepares students for employment within the field is to require that each one of them complete a digital portfolio before graduation.  This portfolio is essentially a record of accomplishments and completed projects which the student has amassed during their time at the Institute. Portfolios provide employers with a better understanding of the talent which a potential employee possesses, as well as a general idea of their areas of interest. It is one of the best ways to determine if a position being offered is right for an individual, given their level of expertise and creativity. Nearly every employer within the industry requires that applicants provide their portfolios for review, and students get a head start at The Art Institute in its requirement to have students build one before they can graduate with an animation degree.** In all, graduates from its animation program are built and leave with the skills and portfolio necessary to explore the career opportunities of their dream.

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