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Animation Domination

Animation Domination

There aren’t many moments in the history of television when everything is upended.  When they happen, they are incredible, and live with use as viewers for years to come. Such examples in the past include shows that brought American living to TV like I Love Lucy, constant news coverage that revolutionized how people viewed news, and most recently, adult animation (animation for adults). This last revolution is in part responsible for animation domination on the Fox channel, as well as its incredible success.

What Is Animation Domination?

Animation domination is a slot reserved during the weekdays on the Fox channel.  The segment of time in the later afternoon and early evening is reserved for adult cartoon programming, including the famous “The Simpsons.”  Since its launch in 2005, animation domination has seen incredible success.

History and Beginnings of Animation Domination

On May 1st, 2005, Fox announced the launch of Animation Domination.* Animation Domination was to be a dedicated block of time where Fox showed adult cartoon shows. The first show to come about as a result of Animation Domination was American Dad, a parody of extremist pro-American feelings.

Since then, a number of shows have come on the air through animation domination. Shows that have been cancelled include: Sit Down, Shut Up, Napoleon Dynamite, King of The Hill, High School USA!, The Cleveland Show, Axe Cop, and Allen Gregory. In addition, the current lineup includes American Dad, Bob’s Burgers, Family Guy, Golan the Insatiable, Lucas Bros. Moving Co., and The Simpsons.

Why Is It So Popular

There is no doubt that animation domination is popular, and the reason why is simple. In 1989, Fox took the chance and ran a show called “The Simpsons” on air in a prime time slot.* This had never been before with an animated show, as they had up until that point been relegated to children’s entertainment. Through The Simpsons, Fox changed the paradigm of what was accepted television, giving birth to an entire industry of adult-oriented cartoons. With the incredible success of The Simpsons, came familiar shows like King of the Hill, Futurama, and Family Guy. In short, animation domination is so successful because Fox has a continuing history of taking risks and introducing new and exciting cartoons.


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