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Animation Degrees: Campus or Online?

Animation Degrees: Campus or Online?

As the world of animation continues to expand, there is a growing need for people who are trained in the latest technologies related to the field. If you are interested in an animation degree, then you might be asking: what is better, campus or online?

The Immediate Pros and Cons

What is true with most other online degrees is also true with animation. Taking courses online saves you the need to travel, arrange work differently, and make scheduled classes.  In addition, you can take online courses from any institution that offers it.*1 If there is a particular kind of animation degree that you are looking for and the school is a state away, you still have the opportunity to learn.  On the downside, most people consider online degrees less rigorous, as you have less face time with professors, and judging your general intelligence regarding the subjects can be a challenge outside of exams. Let’s look at a few other things to consider when deciding on an online verses campus animation degree.

What You Are Learning

There are many ways to animate, encompassing a great number of skills and expertise with computer programs and software. There is little chance that you could ever learn it all. The best you can do is try to learn what is most relevant to the particular kind of animation you want to do.*1 Whereas online courses may offer a greater variety of animation classes, they may not teach to the same level as a dedicated course. In the end you may trade off convenience for possible content, although most online degree programs can still offer great, in-depth, learning experiences.


It is important to remember that the prestige of your university can open a lot of doors. More importantly, graduating from a recognizable university increases the chance that you will meet individuals who will identify the education you received as a plus, instead of an untested quality. Prestige is where online courses fail.  Though they are easy to sign up for and complete, they are not held to the same standards of difficulty as an established university.

Where Does That Leave Us?

If you already have an established career and you want to learn animation, best sign up for online courses as they are flexible.  If you live near a university or have the option to enroll full time, then consider campus classes.  As with everything else in life, your determination will be the ultimate deciding factor on your success.


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