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Animation Degree Types

Animation Degree Types

Movies can seem larger than life. Encompassing amazing events in a protagonist’s life, a movie represents the culmination of many parts, brought together beautifully into a work of art. When it comes to animated movies, the art of animation is central to the process. For every Disney or Pixar movie that you have watched, there was a dedicated team of animators working tirelessly to bring that movie to life. If you believe that an animation degree is what you want, then you are in luck. There are a number of degree types that are suited to the time you have to pursue them.

Associates Programs

The widest range of degree types that can lead toward an animation degree come from associates programs offered by many community college and non-profit institutions. These can range from associates programs in animation directly, in computer animation, in filmography, in fine arts, and in the arts. While you will have an excellent range of courses, there will not be much that you can do with this information alone. To get into the animation business, you will most likely need additional schooling, more experience, or both.*1

Bachelor Programs

The next step in degree types for animation includes bachelor programs. These are more expensive, require 4 years instead of 1 or 2, and will require much more of your time. The benefit of such a program is that you will be much better prepared for the field or further education through a master’s program.  Regardless, the extra experience you gain will help.*2

In a bachelor program, you can either major or minor in a field relating to animation. This includes a possible bachelor in Animation. These degrees are relatively rare and new. A more established degree from which animators have come include a bachelors in fine arts or in the arts.*1Both degrees offer more versatility in their design, and will cover many things which you will be able to later use in your animation job.

Masters Programs

If you are serious about entering the professional world of animation, then a master’s program is your best bet. An additional two to three years of intense study, the master’s program will focus you towards your goals and education.  Possible programs in degree types include a Master’s of Arts, Master’s in Fine Arts, and Master’s in Animation and Visual Effects. There are also a number of smaller masters programs, with specific names but the same goal of preparing you for animation.*2


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