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Animation Degree Tips for Entering College

Animation Degree Tips for Entering College

Entering into college with the intention of receiving an animation degree is a wonderful first step for would-be animators. But what do you do once you are in college? How do you make the most of this new world to become the best animator you can be?

What follows is a list of tips for any young animation student looking at an animation degree or for those interested in the field of animation. These tips apply to anyone looking at a new college or for those looking to switch majors. Everything from what type of techniques you should use to what college activities you should join as soon as you enter college.

1. Always animate.

As an animation student, the key to becoming successful is to never stop animating. Work on flipbooks, make use of your courses animation tools to create side projects, create animated shorts for the internet. Do it all. Getting an animation degree will lead to a number of opportunities to animate, but it can be easy to focus yourself elsewhere and forget why you are at school. Never stop animating!

2. Collaborate and network!

When you enroll in an animation degree program, you may find yourself surrounded by what many consider “competition”. But instead of isolating yourself and fighting off these other animators, come together and collaborate. These other students may end up being your co-workers once you graduate. Learn from them and make connections that may last a lifetime. On top of that, many of the teachers at animation schools are professionals in the industry as well. Make a good impression and you might have a job right after college.

3. More than just art?

Animation students need to realize that an animation degree is a lot more than just drawing and animating. It involves so much more. Animation students should obviously learn as much as they can while in school, but to optimize their chances at getting a job, they should learn about film and acting. Animated films need more than a talented artist, they need talented actors and storytellers to help craft a realistic and relatable experience. Taking classes in acting and directing and other related fields will help them craft these things.

These three tips will help any future animation degree student make the most of their college experience. If you think you could follow these steps easily, enroll as soon as possible and start your path towards a career in animation.

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