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Animation Degree Scholarships & Grants

Animation Degree Scholarships & Grants

Are you ready to begin a lucrative career in animation by earning an animation degree, but need to find a way to cut the cost of your college tuition? If so, here are some great ideas for finding animation degree scholarships and grants that can help you pay for your animation degree:

Look local: The best way to get a scholarship that can be used toward your animation degree is to find local contests and grant opportunities within your own community. This is the best option for several reasons.

  1. The applicant pool is much smaller because it is only open to those within your community.
  2. Usually these types of scholarships do not receive as much advertisement as larger national scholarships, making it less likely that others know about it and increasing your chances of winning.
  3. Even though the scholarship funds may be less than a lot of the major national scholarships, every little bit counts! Of course, you can apply to many of these types of local scholarships and with your increased odds of winning you can end up with a nice lump of cash to pay for your animation degree.

Need some ideas for ways to find these coveted local scholarships? Here’s how:

Talk to your guidance counselor: Chances are companies within your community that are offering scholarships for students like you have been in contact with your guidance counselor. This is the first place to head to find out about local scholarship opportunities.

Club Chapters: Your local club affiliations are likely offering scholarships. You can head to Google to discover what chapters are located within your community and then go to their website or call their local office to find out if they have any scholarships that you can apply for.

High School Newsletters: Maybe your high school guidance counselor isn’t quite as up to speed when it comes to local scholarship competitions, but the neighboring high school’s guidance counselor is. Schools are turning to the web to post their weekly and monthly newsletters, making it possible for people like you to access this information. Google the name of the high school and additionally type “newsletter” or “scholarships” into the search bar and hopefully you will be able to retrieve scholarship information they’ve included in their newsletter.

Look for scholarships that are specifically for students pursuing an animation degree. The Phyllis Craig Scholarship Fund (PCSF) awards a $1000 scholarship to an animation student each year. The deadline to apply is April 29th and you can access the application here. If you want to find out more about this scholarship for animation degree students you can contact Women In Animation by calling (818) 759-9596 to find out more.

Another place to check out is This site provides information on various grants that are specifically geared toward those in artistic disciplines.

These are just a few great ways to begin searching for scholarships and grants that will help you pay for your animation degree. The most important tip for finding these scholarships/grants is to do your research. Thousands of dollars are given away to deserving students just like you, so start looking for ways to cut the costs of tuition so that you can begin your career in animation!

Get information on animation degrees using the form on this page. School representatives will guide you through the process and answer any questions you may have about the various programs that are available to help you earn your animation degree.

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