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Animation Degree Options – Teaching Animation

Animation Degree Options – Teaching Animation

Animation degree students may not realize one of the biggest opportunities on their plate once they enter the industry. Some animation industry professionals might not even realize it yet. Teaching in the animation industry is more open and accessible than one may realize. With colleges hiring industry professionals every day, students can enter animation school with the dream of teaching future students.

Specialty schools that focus in on animation are looking for new ways to teach their students and are looking at industry professionals for new techniques and even teachers.

Gnomon School of Visual Effects hires its teachers almost exclusively out of the various visual effect industries. Industry artists from gaming companies like Blizzard and Naughty Dog stand alongside film artists from DreamWorks and Disney to teach their students.

At the California Institute of the Arts, a number of teachers are hired from Disney itself. Minkyu Lee, a teacher within the Character Animation department at CalArts, has worked on films like Princess and the Frog and Wreck-it-Ralph. Lee even has an Oscar nominated short, most likely produced during his time at CalArts.

Both of these colleges are praised for their use of industry professionals as teachers and it is no wonder why. They provide a unique insight into how to apply the lessons they learn to the professional world, because they are still a part of that professional world. They are able to note the growing trends in the industry, because they are most likely noticing them on a day-to-day business when they are designing games or producing films.

This hiring trend provides a whole new realm of possibility to students dipping their feet into the water.

Students looking for an animation degree have found themselves a whole new field of work without even trying. Animators can look for jobs at these big universities or even at local elementary schools. There are a number of opportunities open with easy-to-use software to teach young kids animation. From websites that offer simple drag and drop animation to programs built to offer a gradual learning curve to young animation students, animation teaching jobs reach further than just the big schools.

The field of animation grows every day. Students are learning from industry professionals, industry professionals are able to share their knowledge while working on big projects, and animation degree holders have a new world of possible jobs.

With jobs in the gaming and film industries, there will be an influx of new students looking to make waves in the animation industry and that provides an opportunity for fresh graduates looking for work.

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