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Animation Degree Jobs – Concept Artists

Animation Degree Jobs – Concept Artists

The brainstorming process should be familiar to any animation degree student who has studied the history of many of animation’s greatest hits. Major shows go through a number of concept phases where they experiment with anything from the character designs to the overall look of the product (film, show, or game). Entire facets of art in an animation are completely overhauled during the design process and it is up to concept artists to present the ideas that will eventually turn into the final products.

A concept artist’s main task is to create the visual design for something that does not yet exist. They usually work with whoever is in charge of story to grasp an idea about what the developers are looking for artistically. They then create a number of designs based on the description and present them to the creative team. If one of the designs clicks, they move onto another facet of the project. If not, they are given further instruction and they return to the drawing board.

Concept artists are a humongous part of the animation process because their work may dictate the tone of a project. Their stepping stones lead into some of the most iconic designs around. In some ways, one of the most popular characters, Mickey Mouse, saw his own form of concept art in Walt Disney’s initial character, Oswald the Rabbit.

According to, jobs on the market today for concept artists can pay up to $68,000 a year. Most concept art jobs are in the world of game design, but the animated film industry is always looking for concept design.

Concept artists can utilize a wide range of art styles in their work. From traditional painting styles to photorealism to abstract, concept artists are able to work within their own limitations and nothing else.

Once a concept is chosen, a concept artist may follow that character’s design all the way to the project’s completion, to ensure that his vision is kept throughout the process.

Animation students will probably use the process of conceptualizing in almost every aspect of their work.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the job market of multimedia artists and animators will see an 8% increase over the next ten years. Concept artists will always be in demand as they provide the ground level inspiration for any project that a developer may start.

Any animation degree student at any level will work with concept art at some point in their career. Choosing a career path that focuses on just that requires endless creativity and imagination.

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