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Animation Degree Inspiration – Walt Disney

Animation Degree Inspiration – Walt Disney

When it comes to inspiration for animation degree students, there is no one better than Walt Disney. Mr. Disney himself established one of the largest animation studios in the world that has lived well past his time. His legacy spans decades and his influence can still be felt today.

Most animation degree students can point at one of Disney’s films as the major inspiration that led to their decision to pursue animation.

Walt Disney is one of those people that come along to completely change an industry. He is an icon. He is the man behind the mouse.

Walt Disney’s story towards worldwide recognition starts in Chicago, specifically McKinley High School, where Walt started his artistic path. Walt was the cartoonist for the school newspaper, which would become his choice of career after dropping out of high school. Walt found it hard to find work, but his brother Roy Disney found him work at an art studio where Walt would produce advertisements.

It was at this studio that Walt met Ubbe Iwerks, one of his first major business partners. The two established “Iwerks-Disney Commercial Artists” but found trouble almost instantly. Disney left the company to earn money at the Kansas City Film Ad Company where his interest in animation was sparked.

Soon after, Disney set up the “Laugh-O-Gram” studio. His cartoons were popular there but not nearly profitable enough to fund an entire studio. So that studio was shut down as well.

It was when Walt met up with his brother Roy to establish a studio in Hollywood that things took a turn for the better.

Walt had found success with a new series of animated cartoons called “Alice Comedies” and he found himself able to expand his reach. From this period of growth came Oswald the Rabbit and inevitably Mickey Mouse.

The amazing success of Mickey Mouse led to Disney’s growth and in turn, his entry into the film industry. While cartoons had usually been relegated to pre-movie entertainment, Walt saw the potential for more and in 1937; he released Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. It was met with wild success and established animation’s place in the movie industry.

Walt Disney’s work not only revolutionized the way animated films were made, with a reliance on cel animation as opposed to cutout animation, but Walt also brought animation into the spotlight. Without his work, animated features may not be as important as it is today. His tireless work in putting together the team he had at The Walt Disney Company led to animation being as relevant as it is today.

Animation degree students owe Walt Disney more than a simple thank you. His work inspires generations of animators and his films have established animation as a viable option for any filmmakers. Animation degree students can also thank him for establishing one of the best animation institutes in the world, CalArts.

Walt Disney was just as much an animation student as you.

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