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Animation Degree Career Outlook

Animation Degree Career Outlook

People looking into an animation degree might be afraid of the job market moving forward. With the changing market of animation, students must leave themselves open to all opportunities.

Animators have a special talent in animation that only a few of the arts share. The ability to give life. Animators take characters, scenes and environments and are able to give them life and personality. Without words, animators can craft amazing displays of emotion. But has the job market crafted enough jobs for these talented people?

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the job market in the animation world will see an 8% increase, or to be more exact, 5,500 jobs made available between now and 2020. They predict a large increase in the number of animators needed in the video game industry and within both the TV and film industries as well. Animators will also find jobs producing high quality 2D and 3D animation for the mobile device industry which continues to grow in large numbers.

There is some fear of the job growth slowing down in the USA due to major studios outsourcing their work to foreign animation studios, but with the amount of independent game studios starting up every day and the rise of independent animation, animators will find jobs easily in the coming years.

Animation degree students can optimize their chances of landing a job in the “slowing” market by producing their own content while they are in college. Working on content that can showcase their skills and bring in an audience makes them infinitely more appealing to possible employers and it displays their passion for the work. With Flash animation straddling the line between amateur and professional animation, students looking into an animation degree have a nice and easy solution for impressing major animation studios.

Animation is bigger than ever with the gaming industry continuing to boom and with major TV networks looking for the next great animated series. If you’ve got that next great idea, don’t hesitate. Commit yourself to an animation degree and create the amazing content you’ve got in your head. Produce content for independent companies and for yourself and you might just grab the attention of a major animation studio.

Walt Disney, one of the biggest icons in animation, put it best when describing his company. “Around here, we don’t look backwards for very long. We keep moving forward.” Animation majors only need to follow his advice and keep moving forward.

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