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Animation Conventions & Animation Schools

Animation Conventions & Animation Schools

One of the first “Anime” Conventions, Comiket, was held in Tokyo in 1975, with around 700 people attending. However today, several hundred thousand people attend Comiket. Anime Conventions typically last around a few days and are held at convention centers, hotels or other large establishments.  Animation conventions provide those who love animation, aspiring animators, and experienced animators with a place to show their work, learn more, get information on animation schools, and network with others.

Some of the events that take place at an Anime Convention are; panels, workshops, screenings, contests, art shows and more.

  • Panels give people attending the convention an opportunity to have open ended discussions with both peers and experienced animators. Topics can include anything from new trends, to the general topic of animation in video games.
  • Workshops are great for those who want to learn and gain experience from the convention. Screenings give people an opportunity to share their work with those at the convention.
  • A screening is a great way for an aspiring animator to have their work reach thousands of people.
  • Contests are a way for people to really let loose and have some fun. Contests can be anything from a costume contest, drawing contest to animated video contest.
  • An art show is another way for people to share their work. Like screening, this is a great way for people to get noticed. With your work in an art show at a convention, thousands of people will see the work you have done.

When one is aspiring to be a successful animator, there are many steps one has to take. Animation conventions are a great networking tool for those who have work to present, or those who want to see what the industry is like. If you have the ability to attend a school and earn a degree in animation, you may just be the one who everyone comes to animation conventions to see. If you want to be the one leading the workshops, or showing your most recent work to thousands of people, getting a degree in animation is a great place to start.

Get information on animation degrees using the form on this page. School representatives will guide you through the process and answer any questions you may have about the various programs that are available to help you earn your animation degree.

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