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3D Animator

3D Animator

3D animation is a relatively new field that has dramatically impacted the animation industry. It’s the successor to traditional animation’s stop-motion techniques, where tiny increments between each frame played in sequence create the illusion of motion. 3D animators are responsible for giving “life” to animated scenes. They manipulate characters and backgrounds, adding depth, texture and movement to create the appearance of reality. Although many only think of 3D animation in relation to cartoons and films, it’s actually an important field to many different industries, including video games, internet websites and advertisements, corporate and military training or instructional programs, entertainment venues and much more.

The future of 3D animation is promising. It’s become the ambition of 3D animation professionals to create photorealistic human characters, an extremely difficult fete due to the complexity of the human body and expressions. Currently, most 3D animations depict animals and fantasy-like characters that are still easily identified as animated. It’s the goal of 3D animators to create scenes that the general public cannot identify as being computer generated or using real actors. This would not eliminate the need for actors though, as performance capture (the process of recording movements and transferring the data to a digital mode) is often used to create those photorealistic scenes.

To become a 3D animator requires an animation degree. There are various degree levels and certificates that can be earned in anywhere from ten weeks to four years. An animation degree will teach the perspective students fundamental art skills, storyboarding and modeling, as well as the technical skills needed to operate computer animation software.

3d Animator Salary Expectations

3D animators create an imaginary word that appears so real, you feel like you share the same world. Not only can 3D animations make these objects move, but they can move within an ever-changing background and they can even interact with it and other characters. 3D animators earn an average of $54,286 a year*.

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