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2D Animation Salary vs 3D Animation Salary

2D Animation Salary vs 3D Animation Salary

Money is a big deal no matter what world you’re a part of. Animation salary is a factor for students have a passion for the arts but are still looking for good money. 2D and 3D animators will always battle about which method of animation is better looking and more flexible, but in the end, there can only be one winner in the world of money.

We’ll breakdown the numbers for the average 2D animator salary and for the average 3D animator salary to crown one form the overall champion.

2D Animation Salary*

2D animation salaries vary greatly, based on a variety of factors like experience and studio popularity. 2D animators can make anywhere from $15,401 to $48,936 a year. The average annual salary of a 2D animator is right around $36,632. As of February 6th 2013, Glassdoor listed a total of 90 2D animation jobs on their website.

3D Animation Salary*

3D animators hold a clear advantage over 2D animators from the get-go. The variations are the same in 3D animation and an average 3D animator can make anywhere from $29,845 to $73,200. The average 3D animator will make $49,214 a year. As of February 6th 2013, Glassdoor listed a total of 270 jobs on their website.

So what does that all mean for those of you looking to enter the animation industry?

Probably one of the biggest ideas to take away from this for animators is to not specialize. There is a clear advantage for a 3D animation salary in the grand scheme and it’s for good reason. 3D animated films are huge in the movie industry and everyone is trying to get a piece of that success. But at the same time, there are still a number of opportunities within the 2D animation world as well.

The obvious answer to this is to spread yourself out and master both techniques. If you are a 2D or 3D animator exclusively, take this opportunity to enroll in different animation classes. If you are just entering the field, make sure to continue studying at what you do best, but to diversify your lessons.

There is a decline in specialization in nearly every field of work. Journalists have to master writing and film, game developers can tackle almost every aspect of a game’s design process, and animators can handle animation in both 2D and 3D.

With a diverse skill set, you aren’t limited to either 90 or 270 job offers but instead the combined 360. No matter what animation job is offered, you will be able to offer your services and get the big dollar animation salary you were hoping for.

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