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2-D Animator

2-D Animator

The field of 2-D animation is an exciting and eclectic career choice, and may give artists the chance to get involved with traditional animation techniques. This is a highly skilled position, and the training given to potential animators is extensive and encompasses skills and abilities that run the gamut from basic drawing skill to advanced topics such as cell artwork and proper motion rendering. Only by understanding and implementing the skills and tactics learned can you become a successful 2-D animator, and drawing on that experience you can find the field to be both engaging and profitable.

Becoming a 2-D animator is, like many other highly skilled positions, an involved process with the need to acquire a very specific set of skills. Emphasis is put on graphic design skills, with some of the most common being the ability to design charters and objects, as well as anatomy and being able to render common subjects from life for animation. It is also important to have a grasp of the entire animation process and understand the limitations of traditional 2-D animations. This includes concept and design, storyboards, keeping abreast of new techniques, and marketing the finished project to prospective buyers. Having a detailed knowledge of Flash may also be important, as much of the animation done here in the US is done online via that medium*. That being said, the work environment is generally a pleasant mix between white collar professional and business casual, with a lot of stock put into creativity but also the ability to get the job done efficiently and professionally.

As with many labor intensive and creative jobs, the salary or a 2-D animator is largely determined by many factors.  These factors include studio popularity and experience, but is typically anywhere between 15,000 and 50,000 USD a year**. This is just an example, and most traditional 2-D animators will make somewhere in the middle. The salary, however, is sometimes secondary to 2-D animators, who view their work with ardor and passion, and these are the animators that typically happen to make the largest salaries.

The draw in becoming a 2-D animator comes with creating something truly unique, as seeing a vision come to life through the magic of 2-D animation. While the requirements may be daunting, most people interested in a career in 2-D animation find the drive necessary by thinking of the fun and excitement that come in the field, as well as the respectable salary and fun working environment.


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