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Top Online Animation Degree Programs

Top Online Animation Degree Programs

Online courses have become more than common in the world of technology and that is no different for students looking for an animation degree. For any number of reasons, online courses are simply more convenient and even with the complex technology/software in the world of animation, the degrees offered by Gnomon School of Visual Arts, Full Sail University, and the Academy of Art University are great examples of programs that have found the balance between the complexity of the course work and the convenience of online courses.

But before you can even head to schools like these, know that these are courses more directed towards those who have dipped their toes in animation. Before looking at these colleges, start your animation degree journey right here!

Gnomon School of Visual Arts

Gnomon School of Visual Arts has been a rising star in the world of animation colleges. Specializing in high-quality modeling and animation, Gnomon has been around since 1997. When it started out, Gnomon was more meant to help train artists already in the industry but has since evolved to teach from the ground up.

Most instructors at Gnomon are industry professionals who are working in fields from game design to film animation and with a campus right in Hollywood California, it definitely is key for animation students.

Gnomon’s approach to online courses is even fairly innovative. With no recorded lectures, students are required to attend live online courses with webcams in tow. Students alongside their peers are taught by the professor live in a virtual classroom with access to their animation software.

Full Sail University

Full Sail University offers a number of online courses in all areas of the arts. Established in 1997, Full Sail University started out as the “Recording Workshop” and focused on training students on various aspects of the production side of the recording entertainment world. It has since branched out into almost every world of the entertainment industry, including animation. In 2007, Full Sail finally entered the online world and offered a number of online degrees.

They offer a number of online bachelor degrees in animation, including a Computer Animation Degree and a Game Art Degree. Online students are offered a Mac with various industry tools installed on the laptop and ready for use.

Full Sail offers a number of sharing options for student work as well, which promotes collaboration between students and their work.

Academy of Art University

The Academy of Art University leaves no guess work when it comes to its focus. Established in 1929, AAU initially held a focus on the fine arts. Its curriculum started out with the goal of training and hiring professionals to train and hire more professionals. With a campus based in San Francisco, AAU has become one of the top arts schools in the nation.

AAU offers a wide variety of degrees in the field of animation, even offering a Masters program online. AAU features a number of industry connections, much like Gnomon and Full Sail, and their online courses offer a number of networking and learning opportunities.

If you have any interest in colleges like these, you need to take the first step and request info about a college that can start your process towards these colleges so you can get an animation degree!

Get information on an animation degree using the form on this page. School representatives will guide you through the process and answer any questions you may have about the various programs that are available to help you earn your animation degree.

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