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Should You partake in an Animation Apprenticeship?

Should You partake in an Animation Apprenticeship?

When we think of animation, the majority of the world think of the cartoons we used to wake up early to watch as young children. In essence, animation is not just a cartoon that we see on the TV. It’s the process in which continuous motion and illusions created by shape change, is made. The movements we see on the screen are possible by the rapid or the swift display of a sequence of still images and or pictures that are almost identical. The end result, what we see, is those seemingly-living characters that we often fall in love with. There are quite a number of different techniques in animation that breed different results. These are traditional animation, stop animation, computer animation and mechanical animation to name but a few.*

Having said that, you now get the picture that there is more to animation than sketching and drawing pictures. Hundreds of hours are involved in editing the prototype before it becomes a viewable, packaged piece of art ready to be launched into the world. And with any art form, there is always room for improvement of your won skills. The only way to improve is to practice.  This is where an animation apprentice falls into the mix.  Learning in a practical, real life setting with experienced animators who have been working in the industry is an opportunity that should not be overlooked. *

There’s many ways to go about seeking apprenticeships, here are a few:

  • Research which animation firm or studio you wish to become an animation apprentice for.
  • Once you have shortlisted the firms and studios to check if the company offers any registered apprentice opening.
  • View entry requirements and eligibility for becoming an animation apprentice.
  • Decide on which opening you qualify for based on the listed entry requirements.
  • Apply for the positions.

The benefits of doing an apprenticeship this are:

  • Job shadowing allows you to see first-hand the day-in-the-life of an animator. This will give you an idea of what you are in for.
  • Being an animation apprentice in a studio allows you to experience the work environment along with other animation apprentices like yourself.
  • The opportunity to earn while learning the tricks of the trade.
  • You get trained to be a skilled animator from being an inexperienced animation apprentice.
  • Immeasurable access to new techniques and industry connections.
  • You learn the business behind the scenes hands on, rather than just learning the theory behind it from a book.
  • Improving on current skills and processes with skilled animators is often a much faster learning process with much greater retention rates.
  • Share information and brainstorm the effectiveness of certain techniques commonly used in the industry.
  • Interacting with other animation apprentices and industry professionals leads to amazing networking opportunities and increased job outlook.
  • Engaging in real life projects conforming to industry standards.
  • Gaining a lot of experience in different fields within the animation industry.

Keep in mind that the purpose of an animation apprenticeship is to learn the industry. The length of the apprenticeship should not be prolonged and the time frame must be determined prior to entering any program. The program duration will vary according to the level and occupation requirements of the particular prospective occupation. There are more than enough reasons to get out there and become an animation apprentice.*


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