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Mythbusters – Animation Degree Careers

Mythbusters – Animation Degree Careers

When pursuing a career path in animation that starts with an animation degree, it can be easy to misinterpret just exactly what you will be doing once you get to a major animation studio. Most people might assume you will be behind a computer all day animating. Many others assume that that’s all there is to an animation studio. Just a group of animators sitting around making movies.

The truth is that an animator’s responsibilities are much larger than simple animation and that there are more opportunities out there for an animator beyond animated films. A career in animation may lead to film, but there is so much more out there for you.

An animator is primarily focused on animating a scene, but what that entails is a lot more than you may think. An animator doesn’t simply animate one character or one facet of a scene; instead, they are in charge of an entire scene. An animator is required to animate and draw the characters in a consistent style with the rest of the team and make sure that his scene fits in well with the other scenes in the film/show. Animators work with nearly every member of the team to get a clear idea of what his work should involve. As such, they are required to have a pretty thorough understanding of the entire process.

There is also a thought that animators are the only ones in these big animation studios. Nothing could be further from the truth. Animation studios feature a wide variety of talent, from writers to film directors. Animators are just one piece of the puzzle, though they are the most integral.

Animators are more than artists, they are directors. They plot out scenes and utilize different “camera” angles to tell the story needed in any particular scene. The job of an animator is a lot more involving than you may realize.

On the other hand, animators are not stuck in the world of animated films. In fact, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, between 2010 and 2020, animation jobs in the motion picture and video industries will actually see a loss of about 5%. The demand for animators is on the rise in almost every other field though.

Video game studios are looking to snatch up the next batch of animation degree students for the more complex field of game animation, advertising companies are looking into animation and even the mobile device market is looking for help from animators to produce apps and games on smart phones.

So let’s recap.

MYTH: Animators animate and that’s all they do. FALSE.

MYTH: The animated film industry is the only place for animators. FALSE.

MYTH: Animators are the only ones hired by animation studios. FALSE.

So if you’re a student looking into pursuing an animation degree, worried about not having any room to grow beyond animating constantly, then it is time to face your fears. Animation is growing constantly and anyone with the drive and talent to pull it off will find success in the field.

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