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Effects Animation

Effects Animation

Effects animation plays an important role in the media industry today, with work ranging in television, video games, and movies. They focus on visual effects that are not able to be captured or produced while filming, such as unique shadowing, personified objects, unnatural cloud formations, etc. Effects animators often aim to make their work as “real”-looking as possible, while also grabbing the viewer’s attention.

Effects animators begin with live-action or animated footage, and a list from the animation director of the special visual effects desired. All footage shot beforehand has calculated in the factor of special effects, whether it requires characters to stand in certain positions or move a certain way. From the raw footage, effects animators are able to add in and manipulate additional images in order to create unique, sometimes shocking, special effects.

Although there can be many paths to starting your career in effects animation, the most traditional and recommended way is to go to animation school and earn an animation degree. To be a successful effects animator, you must have a strong artistic background and a high level of comfort with computer graphic and animation software. These skills are learned and mastered while earning your degree. Plus, animators who graduate with an animation degree have a higher chance of finding a job, whether it’s because of their experience and degree, or through the network they’ve gained while in school. Almost every animated movie needs a team of effects animators; make it your goal to become one of them!

Effects Animator Salary Expectations*

An effects animator can add natural and supernatural phenomena to an animated film. Most of their job has them understanding the physical dynamics and the natural forces in order to produce a believable world and for setting the mood for any animated film. Working closely with the artistic team, effects animators may find themselves working long hours and for the most part, under a tight deadline. The average salary for an effects animator is around $79,000.

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