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Do I Really Need an Animation Degree?

Do I Really Need an Animation Degree?

The magic of animation has long enchanted audiences and made it possible for illustrated stories, that would otherwise be difficult or impossible to tell, to be brought vividly to life. Animators are the passionate artists whose imaginations drive the images that captivate millions. Whether it is the stampede scene in “The Lion King” or Belle’s memorable yellow dress in “Beauty and the Beast,” these are the men and women whose artistic abilities ultimately transform the illustrations of a story from the drawing books to the big screen.

“The Lion King 3D” recently hit theaters, and it proved to be a hit at the box office. The film, a 3D re-release of the classic 1994 animated movie, earned almost $30 million in the first week of its debut and went on to almost hit the $80 million mark in the span of just three-and-a-half weeks. ”The Lion King” is just the first of the movies that Disney plans to re-release in 3D, with “The Little Mermaid” and “Beauty and the Beast” slated and in the works to get the 3D treatment. But how did the animators who produce these films get to where they are today?

While enjoying art is a good quality for an animator to have, it is simply not enough in order to be successful within the business and in this competitive industry. Gaining an animation degree, learning the basics of this career and industry, and getting hands on experience in animation is a serious step toward becoming a successful animator.

An animation degree helps the artist hone his or her skills so that he or she can eventually become one of the industry’s leading animators working on big projects such as “Toy Story”, “The Incredibles” and many more. The degree also helps to give one a competitive edge when seeking out employment as an animator. As the demand grows for talented animators, so too does the need to have a degree in the field, which demonstrates not only one’s abilities but also one’s commitment to working in the world of animation.

With an animation degree in hand, the future animator can soar to new heights. He or she just might have the chance to work on the next animated film that reaches, or even tops, the success of great works such as the “The Lion King.”

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