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Character Animation

Character Animation

Obtaining a degree in animation is the first step in becoming successful in character animation. Character animation is much more than meets the eye. Yes, one does need artistic creativity and ideas, but they must also have the skills to construct these ideas into a product. As technology is moving forward at such a fast rate, so is character animation. Character animation has taken up what seems to be a whole new meaning with the presence of new technology and the advent of 3D.

In order to be successful in the field of character animation, one must be able to understand the different animation disciplines. They must be familiar with traditional, CG, stop motion and clay motion forms of animation. Knowledge in the fields of anatomy, perspective and composition will also be beneficial. Attending an animation school will provide students with a clear understanding of timing, clear staging, stretching and squashing. They will also be able to comprehend the basic animation principles and so much more. Classes will teach students the theoretical framework and practical skills necessary to work in the field today. Students will have the opportunity to practice using up-to-date technology and the many different forms of animation.

When you successfully achieve an animation degree you will learn how to tackle the challenges you may be presented with in the real world of animation. Students will leave with a focused work ethic, so that upon graduation they will be able to pursue some of the endless rewards that stem from holding a degree in animation. As the field of animation is growing, so is the number of job opportunities within it. If you are interested in getting into character animation, attending an animation school will help you greatly. With the experience and skills you learn, you will be able to approach prospective employers, portfolio in hand, and prove to them that you will be a successful character animator, and a great addition to their team or company.

Character Animator Salary Expectations

Character animators are responsible for bringing characters to life. Most have an understanding of various techniques in animation such as stop motion and claymation. Like most professions, the average salary for a character animator fluctuates depending on their degree and professional experience. You can make anywhere from $48,000 to $150,000. Most character animators earn an average salary of $64,000.* Something else to keep in mind is the size and reputation of the company you work for.

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