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Animation Industry

Stay on top of current events and innovative news within the animation industry.

Animation Degree Watch – Companies to Watch in 2013


As we move ahead into the New Year, there are a few companies that any animation degree student should pay attention to. From the Japanese animation giant Studio Ghibli to Ice Age producers Blue Sky Studios, these three studios deserve your attention in 2013. Read More »

Animation Software Review: Animate 2D and 2D Lite

animation software picture

There are only a handful of mobile animation applications, and Animate 2D is one of the most exciting options available. The program’s creator is an animator who wanted a fast, capable animation studio with small file sizes and decent cross-platform capabilities. He designed Animate2D as a professional tool, and high-end features like a bezier smoothing tool and tweening (a commonly ... Read More »

Animation Conventions & Animation Schools

Animation Conventions & Animation Schools

One of the first “Anime” Conventions, Comiket, was held in Tokyo in 1975, with around 700 people attending. However today, several hundred thousand people attend Comiket. Anime Conventions typically last around a few days and are held at convention centers, hotels or other large establishments.  Animation conventions provide those who love animation, aspiring animators, and experienced animators with a place ... Read More »

Why, Charlie Brown, Why?


In this official video clip from the never released documentary, A Boy Named Charlie Brown, Charles M. Schulz (November 26, 1922 – February 12, 2000) discusses the famous animated character and his inspiration in creating him. Schulz’s world-famous comic strip Peanuts debuted in 1950 and lasted until 2000. Many newspapers still publish classic Peanuts comic strips. The iconic Charlie Brown ... Read More »

Animation Trends: 3D Animation


3D animation is a growing phenomenon: you’ve likely noticed all of the newest animated movies now being offered in theaters in 3D. Audience members put on the characteristic 3D glasses and get even closer to the characters, stories and landscaping the film provides: for example, the much awaited and high-grossing final film of the Harry Potter series released earlier this ... Read More »

Animation Industry Leaders


Animation is the rapid display of 2-D or 3-D artwork to create an illusion of movement. This type of production is not a new concept to the film industry. Animators who contributed their talents to this field in the early 1900s include Stuart Blackton, pioneer of stop-motion techniques, Winsor McCay who set the animation standards used by Disney, and Emile ... Read More »

History of Animation


The history of animation begins longer ago than one might expect. The earliest attempts at animation appear more than 4,000 years ago as primitive representations of human life, and have progressed into technologically advanced, computer rendered images. This article explores the evolution of animation. Read More »