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Animation Industry

Stay on top of current events and innovative news within the animation industry.

Best Software For Animated Gifs

Best Software For Animated Gifs

How to Create Animated Gifs Animated gifs are great fun. They can be used to get a point across, or purely for entertainment purposes. For those new to the gif game, they may wonder how to easily create animated gifs. In this article, we will explore how to do just that. Our guide here includes the best software that you ... Read More »

Stop Motion Animation Software

Stop Motion Animation Software

Stop motion animation software is an animation technique that creates an illusion of a moving object. The object is physically manipulated to move each captured frame. After, a series of individual frames is programmed to be played in a nonstop progression to give the effect of a continuously moving object. Stop motion animation software has been used for several years and ... Read More »

History of Animation


Animation is a graphic depiction of drawings to illustrate movement or motion within those drawings. A number of drawings are connected together by photographing them using a camera. A slight change has been made on the drawings so that when played back in a fast and express succession like twenty four frames in a second, a seamless movement is witnessed ... Read More »

Top Disney Animated Movies

Top Disney Animated Movies

Disney has long been an iconic name in the American entertainment industry. Since 1939, the studios that were started by the legendary Walt Disney have been producing animated feature films for theatrical release. The first film was actually released 2 years prior to the Burbank studio’s opening. In 1937, Disney and his team of dedicated animators created a wonderfully creative ... Read More »

Animation Degree Inspiration – Walt Disney


When it comes to inspiration for animation degree students, there is no one better than Walt Disney. Mr. Disney himself established one of the largest animation studios in the world that has lived well past his time. His legacy spans decades and his influence can still be felt today. Read More »

Oscar Nominated Shorts by Animation Degree Students


Over the last few years, animation degree students and alumni have produced some high quality content that has grabbed the attention of Hollywood. A few of these shorts have gone on to create full-fledged features while others have remained just as they are, a labor of love for students and professionals alike. Read More »

Animation Degree Influences – Japanese Animation


Any animation degree pursuing student can attest to the rise of Japanese animation’s influence on Western animation studios. Japanese animation, or anime, has been a part of American culture for years now. Popular shows like Dragon Ball Z and Pokemon raised an entire generation of children and started a trend that continues into today. Read More »

Animation Degree Struggle – 2D vs 3D Animation


Like most industries, animation has seen an evolution brought on by technology. Animation degree students who are only beginning to step into the industry find themselves contending with the never-ending battle between two-dimensional (2D) and three-dimensional (3D) animation styles. While tradition sides with 2D animation, the appeal of computer graphics and the capabilities of 3D cannot be ignored. Read More »

Animation Degree Watch – Flash Animation is for Students


Animation is a world of tough competition, especially for young animation degree students. Everyone wants to create the next big Pixar movie or the next great cartoon. For those few who have the talent, there is little opportunity to produce their work or to share said work when they manage to create it. Flash animation and the community behind flash ... Read More »

Animation Degree Watch – Ten Must-See Animated Films


Animated films haven’t been around long but they have made humongous strides towards relevance over the last fifty years. Animation degree students know these films back and forth. They serve as inspiration and as pure entertainment on top of that. For those students still yearning for that animation degree, there are a number of animated films that should be considered ... Read More »