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Animation Industry

Stay on top of current events and innovative news within the animation industry.

The Best Professional Animation Software

Professional Animation Software

Computer animation software is used to generate animated images through the use of computer graphics. Most of these images are now produced in 3D. Professional animation software is available, which helps the user produce these images. It allows you to demonstrate your talents in a remarkable way. Read More »

John Lasseter on Modern Animation

Animation is an entirely different process from what it was even just ten years ago. Technology enables animators like never before, and the new dynamic between creator and creation has opened up a whole new mode of inspiration. Here’s one from industry giant John Lasseter, who knows that the new tools in no way impede creativity. Instead they fuel it. Read More »

Animation Styles

animation styles

As with any other type of art, a number of different styles have developed in animation over the years. While the earlier styles were created by animators pushing the boundaries of the art form, the newer styles today are the product of increasing technology which allows for such artists to explore other mediums for creation. In this article we look ... Read More »

Anchorage Film Festival

Anchorage Film Festival

Nothing beats an international film festival for displaying the latest works of the world’s most talented film makers. Telluride, Tribecca, and Sundance all have their supporters, but the Anchorage International Film Festival draws the purest forms of celluloid brilliance. Read More »

Illustrating For Animation

illustrating for animation

Making an illustration come to life through the power of animation no longer has to be as difficult a process as it was decades ago. In fact, nearly everyone can afford the relatively inexpensive software required to bring artistic depictions such as drawings, sketches, paintings, and even photographs to life on the screen. In this article we provide a basic ... Read More »

Best Oscar Nominated Animations that Didn’t Win

best oscar nominated animations that didn't win

While Oscars for animated feature films were only first introduced in 2001, the Academy has been giving out awards to highly acclaimed animated shorts since 1932.  Over the many decades, classics have won, but there have been controversial decisions in this category the same as with all the others. Read More »

Best Independent Animations


Independent animations are animated films which have been produced outside of the professional Hollywood system, usually with funding from private sources as opposed to production studios. There are several examples of animated films successfully produced by independent sources from across the globe and a number of these films have received major critical acclaim. Read More »

The Rise of 3D Animations

Rise of 3D animation

The history of 3D animation in film is one of very humble beginnings with a steady rise to prominence that finally peaked in the early 2000s and continues to this very day. At first, 3D animation was only used in a limited fashion in order to create models for specific scenes in movies such as Futureworld (1976), Star Wars Episode ... Read More »

Computer Animation Skills

computer animation skills

Animation has come a long way since traditional animators had to sketch and color each individual frame by hand, and now there is a new set of computer animation skills needed. On an average, a 30-minute animation may require around 20, 000 such sketches or more. While modern computer animation still relies on some of these same basic principles, the ... Read More »

Free Animation Software

free animation software

When animating characters or worlds for gaming, film, or apps, it is essential to have professional animation software in order to ensure quality results. While certain kinds of software included on most laptops can be used for basic animating purposes, when it comes to creating dazzling effects or entire sequences using animation, then only the very best of digital tools ... Read More »