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Animation Careers

Explore in-depth profiles of career paths and occupational fields in animation.

Are Animation Degrees Useful When Job Searching?

3D Animation

Aspiring artists and graphic designers often wonder whether a bachelor’s degree in animation holds any leverage on the job market. After all, while the educational component of any higher learning program is important, job opportunities are equally important; if a degree doesn’t open up these opportunities, then the student will usually want to consider other programs. Fortunately, animation degrees are ... Read More »

Schooling Options for a Career in Storyboard or Character Animation

Schooling Options for a Career in Storyboard or Character Animation

Storyboards are graphic illustrations representing the sequence of actions planned for a video game production. They’re a way to conceptualize the layout of the game using images and text that provide thorough instructions for scenes, game levels and goals. Storyboard artists work closely with game designers to define the game’s parameters. According to the online job site, video game ... Read More »

What Can I Do With A Degree In Animation?

Career In Animation

What Can I Do With A Degree In Animation? When choosing a college major, most people are immediately drawn to the majors that sound more “fun,” such as animation and design. However, if you’re thinking about choosing animation for your major, you might be wondering what kinds of careers will be available to you. Although there are some obvious careers ... Read More »

Animation Degree Jobs – Visual Development Artist


Students looking for an animation degree are endlessly creative. They have the ability to create worlds and characters that are genuinely unique to them. They can pull these things out of their head right onto the page, and in their own way, they bring them to life. Tools like these are especially important when artists are pursuing a career as ... Read More »

Character Animation


Obtaining a degree in animation is the first step in becoming successful in character animation. Character animation is much more than meets the eye. Yes, one does need artistic creativity and ideas, but they must also have the skills to construct these ideas into a product. As technology is moving forward at such a fast rate, so is character animation. ... Read More »

3D Animator


3D animation is a relatively new field that has dramatically impacted the animation industry. It’s the successor to traditional animation’s stop-motion techniques, where tiny increments between each frame played in sequence create the illusion of motion. 3D animators are responsible for giving “life” to animated scenes. They manipulate characters and backgrounds, adding depth, texture and movement to create the appearance ... Read More »

Effects Animation


Effects animators play an important role in the media industry today, with work ranging in television, video games, and movies. They focus on secondary elements that are not able to be captured or produced while filming, such as unique shadowing, personified objects, un-natural cloud formations, and so on. Read More »

Animation Director


Becoming the animation director, also known as an creative director of animation, art director or lead animator, is an exciting career path for anyone who enjoys the art of animation and has strong leadership and organizational skills. Creative directors are in charge of directing an animation project, overseeing and assigning jobs to a team of skilled animators and achieving the ... Read More »

Storyboard Artist


One career option within animation is to become a storyboard artist. These artists commonly work for advertising agencies and film productions. Story boards were developed in the 1930s at Walt Disney Studios. Over the years, the craft has become a common practice in the entertainment industry. In order to find a job as a storyboard artist, it would be beneficial ... Read More »

Model Animation


Modelers, as the title suggests, create complex character or object models, whether using computer graphic software or clay molding. Model animation dates back to the 1925 silent film, The Lost World, where stop-motion footage and live actor footage were combined in the same frame for the first time. Read on to find out more. Read More »