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Are Animation Degrees Useful When Job Searching?
Learn how to make this with an animation degree.

Are Animation Degrees Useful When Job Searching?

Aspiring artists and graphic designers often wonder whether a bachelor’s degree in animation holds any leverage on the job market. After all, while the educational component of any higher learning program is important, job opportunities are equally important; if a degree doesn’t open up these opportunities, then the student will usually want to consider other programs.

Fortunately, animation degrees are extremely useful in this respect. A bachelor’s degree in animation is a fundamental requirement for multimedia artists and can greatly help an individual pursue several career paths, particularly when paired with a strong portfolio.

The most obvious option for students is professional animation. Like many artistic fields, animation has limited job opportunities, and most employers will not even consider applicants who do not hold degrees from accredited institutions. The United States Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) expects the job pool for animators to grow by 8 percent by 2020, with growing demand for educated individuals. Many employers are hiring animators from overseas, so a college degree gives an American animator a way to show professionalism and to offer something that foreign animators cannot.

There are other options for animation professionals. By working with Flash and other applications, animators can provide valuable services for web design firms. Many transition into graphic design, which is a growing field according to the BLS. Graphic designers can expect to make around $43,500 per year on average, provided that they hold bachelor’s degrees when seeking employment.

Even in the freelance market, an animation degree has serious potential value. Educated animators and web designers can easily find work and grow effective client bases, allowing for better stability and higher average wages. Freelance workers can expect longer hours than employed workers, but with flexible work schedules and potentially higher wages.

Degree programs help animators make connections and pursue leads to keep steady freelance work. Without a degree, a freelancer may have trouble proving that he or she has can handle a project. Even a strong portfolio is no substitute for a bachelor’s degree from an accredited program.

Animation degrees are extremely useful in the job market, and the value of a degree should improve significantly over the next decade. Employers now expect bachelor’s degrees of some kind, particularly when hiring for entry-level positions, and individuals who do not hold degrees will have trouble finding employment in extremely competitive markets.

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