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Animation Festivals

Animation Festivals

Animation festivals are an event that should be experienced by everyone at some point in their life. Even if you are not an entrant or participant, simply attending can give you a chance to see what the future of animation may be. You never know if the films being screened will become huge hits. Here is a list of some of the biggest and best festivals out there.

  1. 1.       Atlanta Film Festival

This festival usually takes place for eight full days from the end of March through the beginning of April. It has tens of thousands of attendees each year. The Atlanta Film festival is one of only two dozen Academy Award qualifying festivals in the United States. The festival is home to hundreds of independent, international, animated, documentary, and short films.*


  1. 2.       New York International Short Film Festival (New York Shorts Fest)

The New York International Short Film Festival takes place for two days usually close to the end of May. This festival provides a showcase of the best short-form cinema and its creators in the world. The New York International Short Film Festival was created by the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences and accredited Los Angeles International Short Film Festival.


  1. 3.       Animation Torrent

This animation festival hosts three hours of Independent animation. All mediums of animation are welcomed to the festival. These submissions must follow strict guidelines when it comes to time. Many animations are limited to just 10 minutes. Animation Torrent selects films that are programmed into two blocks; PG-13 and “late” night. Both are distinguished by their content. PG 13 is designed for the young at heart and the others are designed for adults due to the adult content. The Animation Torrent is exclusively an animation festival, which takes place in Oak Park, Illinois.*


  1. 4.       SoDak Animation Festival

The SoDak festival was launched to educate, inspire, and entertain. This festival presents animation as a mature art form, educational path, and industry; which is not normally perceived by people. The SoDak Animation Festival boasts a showcase of the most unique independent animation worldwide. The animation festival usually takes place for a day closer to the end of October. The SoDak festival takes place in South Dakota.*


  1. 5.       MIA ANIMATION Festival

This animation festival is a one day festival that occurs in October. The MIA ANIMATION Festival is a conference geared towards the building blocks of animation. These are Computer Animation, Gaming, visual Effects and Motion Graphics, Film, Web design, and Visual Arts. The festival offers master classes, software demos and multiple panels. They strive to provide the opportunity to network and gain practical experience in animation. The MIA ANIMATION Festival explores animation from different genres: from character animation to scientific visualization. This conference and festival takes place in the heart of Miami, Florida


  1. 6.       Festival of Animation Muskoka (FAM)

The Festival of Animation Muskoka is a new animation festival showcasing international animation and talent. The animation will be presented to attendees by world class animators and industry professionals who will introduce the magic of animation to them. The festival is located in Huntsville, Ontario.


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